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Lessons I've Learned After Hitting Rock Bottom

After the most significant relationship of my life ended, I found myself clinging to a toilet bowl every hour as my body physically tried to deal with the trauma it had just been handed. It was one of the saddest, scariest moments of my life, and lonely was a more than common feeling in my days. During this time I contemplated suicide, drank too much, couldn’t take care of myself, and tried so hard to run from the shit show that was my life. I felt like I had lost everything, and I found myself at the bottom of a deep dark hole unable to move.

That hole was called Rock Bottom.
Let me tell you a bit about what the world considers "rock bottom" - it's hell on earth. It's like living outside of your own body. It's questioning what is reality, and what you thought you knew about yourself and the people around you. It's being scared and defeated. It's like having a gaping hole in your chest where your heart and lungs are supposed to be.
To this day, being at …

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