Traveling In My Twenties

Over the summer I was fortunate enough to travel outside the North Carolina area. I had recently quit my dead end job at Dunkin, and was taking a summer course that ended right along with the month of May. After spending multiple summers in the mountains, I decided I needed to get away from what was familiar. Overall the summer was a success and a breath of fresh (Pennsylvania) air.

SO. I decided to take another trip over my fall break. My wonderful Dad lives in Pennsylvania and it's probably my favorite place in the entire green Earth. As a person who values her "alone time", the townhouse in Mount Pocono is a safe haven for me. It's set up like a cozy cabin, and over the break I only saw one other person in the complex. I spent the week staring at the leaves, watching Greys Anatomy in my pajamas, and eating homemade soup. I really just never wanted to leave.

One afternoon I came down from the loft and got this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. At least I think it was nostalgia. I just felt comforted and peaceful, and the scent of the house was familiar. It's so interesting how a smell or a sound can ignite a feeling. Don't get me wrong, North Carolina is ahh-mazing, and I love the fact that I have my own fortress of solitude with no roommates to attend too, but PA does something more for me. It calms me, it inspires me, it is my home and I miss it desperately.
Are there any places in your life that bring back great memories? Where do you consider your home? If you don't have that place yet, I encourage you to travel. I know we're all broke college kids (or broke teachers) and we have schedules that don't allow for mindless travel, but this past summer changed my life in ways that I truly needed, and I owe most of that to Pennsylvania and all that it entails.