Preparing for Spring Recruitment #greeklife

As a Senior who has done her fair share of Spring Recruitments, I'd like to say I'm well aware of how everything will go down. I know what to expect from the potential new members, as well as what to expect from my own organization. It's always a fun time, because we get to play dress up and meet a batch of new women who might be considered my sisters one day. 

I went through Spring recruitment in 2012 and it was one of the best things that could have happened to me. I spent hours debating on what to wear and how to style my hair. I was doing this alone, so I panicked about who I would talk to or what I would say if anyone actually did try to talk to me. I had prepared for this for months, and honestly, it flew by once it arrived. I remember not being able to sleep the night before Bid Day, and feeling tears of relief pool in my eyes when I saw my bid. Running out to my new sisterhood was a blur. I literally was on cloud 9 for like, 72 straight hours. 

 I've grown into a pretty badass Panhellenic woman, and I can thank my amazing sisterhood for that. But I've also had the opportunity of getting to know Greek life as a whole, through serving on my College Panhellenic Council Executive Board, and being a Recruitment Counselor (aka a Pi Chi). 
With January fast approaching, I figured it would be appropriate to give some advice that I've collected over the years about recruitment. Whether you're already signed up for recruitment, or you're still on the fence, here's some tips to help make your recruitment week as fun and easy going as possible.

  • Have an open mind.
    When you start your recruitment process, you'll probably already have an idea of what Sorority you want to join. Sometimes a girls mind will stay the same, and other times she will walk into a new house and be completely blown away. If things aren't going the way you predicted, keep an open mind. There's a reason this process is so long and precise. These sororities are looking at multiple girls and realizing who has the potential to succeed in their organization. Every organization is unique to itself, and you might not fit exactly where you think you do. Stay open to all the sororities on your campus, and be positive about visiting every organization. If you're invited back to an organization that you didn't expect, take it as a compliment. They notice something in you that works well with their organization. They can see you holding a place in their home.
  • Be true to yourself.
    All sororities are different, and each member is unique in her own way. I know that the media portrays Panhellenic women as stereotypical, or cookie cutter, but the brilliant thing about CPC is the fact that we are all different but perfectly intertwined with one another. While going through recruitment, make sure that you're being "real" and staying true to who you were before you stepped foot inside the houses. Sorority life doesn't require you to change who you are, remember that.
  • Don't let your friends make decisions for you.
    I was fortunate enough to not have any of my freshman year friends go through recruitment with me. At first it seemed intimidating and lonely, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Making a commitment to an organization is a decision not to be taken lightly, or made by your friends. Just because your friend found her perfect home at Kappa Kappa Whatever, doesn't mean that's your home too. Do what your heart is telling you to do. You'll thank me in the long run. The beauty of Sorority life is, no matter the letters we're all Greek together. If your 'bestie' is really your bestie, she will be your friend regardless of your decision.
  • Utilize your recruitment counselors.
    Every night before I left recruitment, I talked to my recruitment counselor for at least 2 minutes. Mainly because I thought she was the coolest thing EVER, but also because she could answer questions and help me make the best decision for me. I didn't realize the responsibility it took to be a recruitment counselor until I actually became one. We're trained months before January. But it's so worth it, because we're able to help you in virtually every situation you might find yourself in. Get to know your counselor and don't be afraid to ask her questions or talk to her. Sometimes it helps to just get your thoughts out in the open, and that's what they are there for.
  • Be excited! 
    Recruitment week is like Christmas, your Birthday, New Years, and The annual Lilly Sale combined. It's literally the funnest week you will have in January, and I wish I could go back and relive it. You're about to meet a swarm of new people, and find some sisters that will be your life long friends. Are you excited yet? If not GET EXCITED, because this is an opportunity of a lifetime.
If you are interested in going through recruitment, speak with a recruitment counselor or visit the WCU College Panhellenic Facebook page to find the sign up link.
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