I could NEVER be an Event Planner

The month of April has been a whirlwind of event planning. Actually, I take that back - February and March were months full of event planning. April was the month where all the events actually happened. At the beginning of the year, I looked at my empty Erin Condren planner and decided I wanted to do some extra shit this year. I knew I would have my internship on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays, but that still left Tuesdays and Thursdays for homework and all the other crap I decided I needed to take on.

I started out by taking on the role of "Social Chairmen" for Delta Zeta. A bold move, but I figured it would be fun to decided what socials we would have, and how our formal would turn out. WRONG MOVE - I spent countless nights stressing over formal paper work, ticket prices, and the I-want-to-pull-my-hair-out-because-you-wont-call-me-back Cherokee Bus service. God bless the previous Social Chair because I don't know how she did it without having a mental breakdown, twice.

Once April 11th rolled around, I was happy to wipe my hands clean from DZ Formal planning. It turned out beautiful and we had no massive casualties (praise Jesus).

*snaps to James Seal for the photographs*

Just when I thought the work was done, I had another event that I offered to plan coming up the NEXT weekend. This one was for my wonderful Pledge Sister, Mary Ann, who is getting married in a few short months. Her and her fiance met 4 years ago when her and I were beginning our New Member Process with DZ. I remember her talking to me on the floor of her dorm room about this boy in her class that had a girlfriend at the time, but was "just soooooo cute!". It's hard to believe that they have been together since we were 19, and that they're getting married soon. 

SO, it was only fitting that I throw a bachelorette party for my girl. When I took this job on I was really excited - I wanted to give MA something special and I wanted the sisterhood to be involved. Even though planning this was a stress fest like formal, I'm so glad I volunteered to do this. All of us had a BLAST. I haven't laughed so much with my sisters in a really long time, and I got to spend some time with sisters that I usually don't hang around. Snaps to new friendships that bloom the year I'm graduating *shrug*. 

Although these things were so much fun, I'm relieved that the month is coming to a close, and that I don't have anymore events that are resting on my shoulders. My weekend ends with a highly anticipated reunion between J and myself. She's been in Pennsylvania for almost a month and I couldn't be more thrilled to have her back home. 

So, here's to the next few weeks - hopefully they're smooth sailing and don't involve any more events needing my attention.