Sisterhood and Friendship are two different things.

This week I've spent most of my time with my sorority sisters. We've all gotten dressed up and crammed into the chapter room to welcome our new girls into Delta Zeta. Last night was especially wonderful for me. As a senior, I was able to pass down my usual advice to new girls - "don't give up." "find your 2 percent" "take on a leadership position". It's a time that I always look forward too.

While I was sitting on the chapter couch, a fellow sister of mine said something that really stuck with me. "Friendship and sisterhood are two completely different things". I had never thought of my organization this way, but it made total sense. Being a sister, and being a friend called for two completely different responsibilities. And those responsibilities are ones that I try to embody, and I am fortunate enough to see in each and every one of my Delta Zeta sisters.

I'll use a pretty obvious example - Christina. My tall, so gorgeous it might be illegal pledge sister. She's been my person for almost four years now, but we don't see each other every moment of every day. She has other friends that she will see more often, and I have my circle of friends that I spend more time with than her. BUT, she's my sister - she's the person who would be at my doorstep during a crisis, or the person who would spend hours with me on the phone even if we didn't talk for years. We fight and we bitch and sometimes I swear I hate the girl, but she has never left my side when the times were seriously tough. She knows what's going on in my head, and can understand it. We are in sync with one another, because we have surpassed friendship and are part of a sisterhood.

I think a lot of people look at sorority life as a lifestyle full of parties and drinks, which on the occasional Saturday night, is probably accurate. What most people don't see, is the organization from the inside - the bonds that last a lifetime, and the moments that bring us closer. I've spent four years putting as much as I could into my sisterhood, because the more I put in, the more I receive from her. I know all of my sisters will agree that a sisterhood bond doesn't require talking everyday, or going out on the weekends with each other - it requires complete dedication to each and every woman that wears the letters that you do.