Thanks for the oily skin genetics. || My Skin Care Routine

I didn't start using foundation or concealer until I got to college. While I was in high school, I slapped on some mascara and called it a day. I did this because the skin gods blessed me with little to no acne and a pretty even skin tone. My biggest problem with my skin was oil. I love my mother to death, but damn the woman for passing down her oily skin.
Thankfully, I still don't have many skin problems, but as a I get older I've realized the importance of taking care of the skin you are in. I really started to get into the skin care business over the summer, which was also a time where I was branching out and trying new makeup - like BB cream and under eye concealer (I didn't even know they made shit like that until recently). I'll never try to brand myself as a makeup geek or a beauty guru (my sister can take the first place spot for that one) but I think I've started to find my place in the pampering world and I want to share that with you. 

Keep in mind that this routine may not work for everyone. My skin is oily as all hell, and certain products I use would be a death sentence for ladies with dry or sensitive skin. The best thing to do is test products before you commit to splurging on some of the products I have. Get to know what works for you. 

I usually try to kill two birds with one stone and wash my face in the shower. In high school I was notorious for sleeping with my makeup on, and showing up to first period with a second day "smoky eye". Occasionally I'll do that, but I try my hardest to clean my face before I go to sleep. 

I start out wiping off my makeup with a Neutrogena make up wipe. These things are sent from the heavens, and I go through them really quickly. If you're wanting to save some cash, there is a generic brand, but I think they smell weird. If I still have some makeup left off my eyes, I'll use Equates liquid eye makeup remover. This stuff is pretty oily, but doesn't stay like it for long. The liquid remover also gets the hard to reach lashes that still have mascara on them. 

After that I'll dampen my face with some warm water and grab my Philosophy Total Matteness Pore-Minimizing & Mattifying Cleanser/Mask. This brand is pricey, but I really love the product. For girls with oily skin, you want something that screams "matte", because that will give the less dewy, shiny finish that we already have. The cool thing about Philosophy's cleanser is that it can be used daily, while also being a weekly mask, based on how you apply it. For my daily routine, I'll rub the cleanser into my face for about 30 second with damp hands. The moisture keeps it from drying into a mask, and I can feel the freshness after I rinse it off.

Once a week I'll use the product as a mask. I apply it all over to a dry face and let it sit for about 3 minutes. Using it as a mask literally sucks all the oils out of my skin. 

Once I've patted my skin dry with a towel, I'll apply my Harmon Face Value's moisturizer for sensitive skin. This product is oil free, and is cheaper if you're feeling frugal. I only use a little bit because it puts a lot of moisture back in my skin.

I've seen some great improvements in my oily skin problem, and love how soft my skin feels after I wipe off the day's makeup and get into bed. What's your skin care routine?