My (Work) Summer Bucket List

I'm not sure why, but I've been on a motivational, goal setting streak lately. I've spent this week observing in classrooms, talking to principals, and generally just annoying the crap out of every teacher I come in contact with. I don't graduate until December, but I'm basically starting my job search now, because trying to find a job in December is going to be weird and probably impossible (unless some random teacher gets pregnant and leaves).

With that being said, I've got some plans this summer. I still want to enjoy myself, but I know I need to get some work done as well. I've designated Tuesdays and Thursdays as my "work days" this summer, and it seems to be working out nicely. In general, my goals are teacher related, and revolve around my internship/full time teaching. I'm using the rest of the summer to absorb knowledge, read, and gather as many resources as possible.

I encourage you to set some summer goals. They don't have to be huge, or related to your job, they just need to be attainable goals that will benefit you. Accomplishing something great this summer should be a #1 priority for the up and becoming 20 something. So, here are some of my goals for the summer:

1// Build an interactive notebook
I didn't know what these things were at a students. Even as a teacher, they are a foreign topic to me. I hear the idea float around schools and teams, but have never physically seen an interactive notebook. With that being said, I really really really want to try them in my internship. From what I've researched, they're a new and creative way to get students engaged in note taking and topics they are learning in the classroom. Anything that involves creativity is something I want to try. Students, especially middle grades, need visuals. Creating my own interactive notebook is going to eliminate so much confusion (at least that is my hope). And it gives me the opportunity to review content and get creative while laying out in the sun this summer.

2// Read teacher development books
My personal library is filled with books about students, and what teachers can do to help them succeed. The amount of information is crazy, and I want to understand as much of it as possible. As the years have passed, I've read plenty of textbooks, and talked about a lot of techniques that I can use in the classroom, but I don't think you can ever get enough. Last Christmas I asked for books - more specifically, teacher development books. I want to become a master in my field. I want to get through as many of those books as possible.

3// Plan my procedures and expectations
I think a teachers ability to create effective procedures and expectations really sets the tone for her classroom. It's like the first impression, and I intend on making a good one. I want to work on developing procedures that eliminate long transitions, and lost class time. I also want to reflect on my own expectations I have for students, and create norms in my classroom that provide students with the best quality of education.

4// Compile all my notes and resources
Over time, I've snagged a LOT of resources. My co teacher has been a hub of knowledge, and my peers have gathered resources that they share with the group. It's great to have so many things available to use in the classroom, but I want to figure out a system to store the info. I need to get all of my notes on teaching together in one place (that is practical and organized), and I also need to go through my resources, and figure out what might work for MY classroom, as well as what might not.