May Favorites

Happy June 1st, friends. I feel like May lasted all of 8 seconds, so I'm hoping June doesn't fly by so quickly. I made it to Pennsylvania in one piece, despite the fact that I could barely keep my eyes open for the entire 8 hour drive. Holly wanted to leave at 6 am, so my not-a-morning-person-at-all self was up at 5 am packing the car. The up side, we got to Pennsylvania before dinnertime. 

The month of May was pretty great to be honest. I got to experience senior week with my sorority, finished up the first half of my internship, made a 4.0 (which has never happened before so snaps to Rhiannon), moved out of my Rabbit Ridge apartment, spent a week observing and interviewing at different middle schools, got to spend some time with Becca before I left, celebrated my mothers 50th birthday, and finished the month off with my trip to PA. 

It was a great month, and I've got some favorites from May that I want to share. 

1// Podcast's

I am wildly obsessed with listening to podcast's right now. For those of you who know me well, I've always got my headphones on listening to something. Transitioning from music to podcast's has been nice, because I feel like I'm actually learning something rather than just idly listening to tunes all day. My two favorites right now are Serial and Shane and Friends. Two completely different types of podcast's, both equally as addicting. If you're looking for a thrilling story, go with Serial. If you want to laugh until you're crying, go with Shane and Friends (but keep in mind that Shane and Friends is for a mature 18+ audience). If any of you reading have tried out podcast's, let me know in the comments.

2// E.L.F Makeup

Guys, I'm extra broke right now, so I've avoided places like Ulta and Sephora. I had discovered e.l.f a few years back and purchased some brushes last summer. Honestly, I think for the insanely cheap prices, their great products. You can get some great dupes for high end makeup through e.l.f, as long as you do some research. Not all of the products are going to give you the same quality as high end makeup, but most of it is really worth it. I would suggest checking out an article like this to see what people are saying about e.l.f before you purchase a bunch of the products. My current e.l.f favorites are the e.l.f powder brush, I use it every single day for blush, bronzer, and regular powder to set my face, and the e.l.f tinted moisturizer. The moisturizer gives an awesome dewy glow, evens out your skin tone, and provides spf 20 for the summer. It was only $3, so I'm calling it a steal.

3// Philosophy

Now I'm going to transition into another beauty line that I loovvvveeee, but one that isn't as budget friendly. The Philosophy line can be found at any Ulta store near you (not sure if Sephora carries it, someone let me know). The first Philosophy product I purchased was the Total Matteness face wash because it claimed to help oily skin. I decided to splurge on it and immediately fell in love. I've been trying and trying to find products that can help my oily skin, and this is the ONE thing that I have found that will work for me. I do a more in depth review of it here. I also love the Senorita Margarita 3-in-1 that Philosophy sells. I mainly use it for bubble baths, but I'll use it as a shampoo every once and a while. The biggest thing i like about it is the smell - I feel like a little Mexican margarita after taking a bubble bath with this. 

4// The Goddess Tank

I'm not sure if this counts as a favorite right now, because I don't actually own one of these yet. I simply admire them from afar. I really love the high neck, and how it accentuates your collar bones and shoulders. The loose fitting feel is something that caught my eye as well, because my summer wardrobe does not need to be tight and uncomfortable. I've gone that route before and it just made me sweaty and miserable. This is an awesome summer shirt and I'm trying to find the perfect one for cheap.

5// Trello

This has been my holy grail for the summer. J introduced me to this project management tool and I'm actually addicted to it. As a person with high anxiety, I have to have my days planned, or I am completely lazy and accomplish nothing. I need a schedule, and Trello allows me to get everything down on lists that I create. It helps me visually see what I need to do, what I've been working on, and what I've already completed. I'm also using it as a tool for my internship and projects that are college related. For example, as an intern II student, I have to complete a pretty large assignment called EdTPA. It's what determines my future as an educator, so it's kind of a huge deal. J helped me dissect everything from the assignment and get it laid out in a Trello board, so I can see each step easily, and not get overwhelmed. As time goes on, I'll be able to complete certain "cards", or tasks, and archive them from the board. Eventually, my board will be completely empty and my EdTPA assignment will be complete! If any education majors out there would like to utilize this board, feel free to send me a message. I've already shared it with some of my colleagues, and they seem to love it. Even if you aren't an education major, this tool is great. If you're looking for an easy project management tool, or a way to keep your life organized, look into Trello and watch some tutorials here