Planning your PERFECT day!

Even though it's few and far between, I really enjoy the beginning of my morning. I think it's an extremely peaceful time, and a great opportunity to give myself some "me time", while not wasting my entire day away. Along with that, I enjoy the stillness of night time and value the time where I can snuggle up in my bed and relax in pajamas. Making the most out of these times is important to me, and I think we all could use some moments in our fast paced lives to sloowwww down. The early hours of my morning, and the few hours before I fall asleep are perfect for that. To maximize this, I started creating my own morning and night routine.

Creating your own routine is easy! Start by writing down all the things you would like to accomplish every single morning or night. You don't want to personalize this every day - so only focus on the daily activities, like applying a face mask at night, or drinking tea in the morning. instead of having to write a new list every day, don't cross out what you have completed. instead utilize the space on the page and put check marks next to what you've completed everyday. I got this sweet idea from Ally, a fellow blogger at Preppy Little Lesbian.

What's interesting and almost contradictory about routines are you can change them to better fit your needs. When I started out my morning/night routine, I found myself forcing myself to do things that I wouldn't actually want or need to do. Sometimes pushing yourself to complete a daunting task is beneficial, but if it isn't something that helps you - don't worry about it.

Along with my standard morning and night routines, I have a few tips and tricks that come to mind whenever I think of the perfect start and finish to my day. These things work for me, and hopefully will help you as well!

Ways to have a great start to your day:
1// Immerse yourself in natural light. The biggest selling point for my new apartment was the natural light that came through the living room and the bedroom. Large windows make waking up easier, & that natural sunlight does wonders for your overall mood.

2// Find your aesthetic. Maybe this is cliche or 'basic' but having aesthetically pleasing items really brighten my day. My sweet GG-little bought me two Kate Spade inspired glasses from TJMaxx and the thought of drinking out of them just makes me smile. Try having your morning cup of coffee in a bright colored mug, or eating breakfast off of a nice plate.

3// Go for a walk. This summer my daily walk has been a saving grace. I throw on my headphones and make one quick lap around the Pinecrest development, and I feel fabulous. It's a burst of exercise, vitamin C, and it wakes me up in the morning. If you're athletic (unlike me) turn your morning walk into a morning run.

4// Jam out! Spotify is a great place to find playlists to match your mood. Find some upbeat music and let it play while you get ready in the morning, or while you're cooking breakfast. Music is how we decorate time, so choose something positive to create a good start to your day.

Ways to wind down at night:
1// Light candles. Good smells and good lighting. Just don't forget to blow them out before you fall asleep.

2// Read or write. I try to keep a good book on my nightstand and read a bit before I settle in for the night. I think it's a great way to power down your mind and relax your body. If you're more of a writer, use this time to write a quick journal entry, or create a list for tomorrow, that way you aren't stressing about your to-do's while trying to fall asleep.

3// Get comfy (asap)! 9 times out of 10, I'm in my pajamas before dinner time. I just think being comfortable in your own home is important. My favorite thing to do is throw on Jess' college sweatpants (even though she hates when I steal them).

4// Take a bath. This is my go-to, especially if I have a Lush bath bomb. It cures headaches, backaches, anxiety, and so much more. It also makes me EXTRA sleepy... like, to the point where I have fallen asleep in the bathtub before. Whoops!

If you have a routine for your day, what is it? I'm always looking for new things to try and new ways to improve my everyday life! & If you try out anything on this post, let me know! Happy Monday, everybody..Make it count xoxo.