The BEST way to save $$ on a Gel Manicure

For those of you who don't know, I am literally the worst at painting my nails. Somehow that skill didn't make it into my genetics. Unfortunately that means I've spent way too much money on getting my nails done. In high school I had my nails done every two weeks. That's about $50-60 a month just on a fresh coat of nail polish (or the extra annoying acrylic full set). Once I got to college (and had to actually buy groceries to survive) I realized that getting my nails done was an extra expense that needed to be cut out of my budget. As sad as I was to not have #onfleek nails, I appreciated the extra cash in my pocket.

While I was out shopping last week I decided to pick up a couple nail polishes. Like I said before, I can't paint them myself, but I have a super cool partner who doesn't mind doing it for me. I usually don't buy nail polishes, and would much rather buy a new shirt or makeup palette, but the bright colors caught my eye. So, as I was searching through the bins of polish in Forever 21 I saw this little baby;

A gel finish nail polish for under $4.00. And it was purple! I decided to purchase it because of the bargain, and because I wanted to see if it really gave me the gel finish that everyone pays twenty bucks for at Solar Nails. I wasn't too hopeful because it was cheap, but I figured why not? I'll give it a try.

Guys, I seriously felt like I hit the jackpot with this nail polish. First, the pigmentation is awesome. Usually I get annoyed with polish because it goes on streaky and it takes like 17 zillion coats to get the true color that I'm trying to achieve. I slapped on one coat of this stuff and it looked ahh-mazing. Secondly, it was fast drying, and really did give an excellent gel shine. Also, the brush is thicker, so it's easier for me to paint my nails on my own. Triple score for Rhiannon!

If you're looking for a polish that will give you a quality manicure without having to spend $20, this is the route you want to take. For $4.00 you're getting a high pigmented polish with a real gel like finish. For the price you're paying I think this is an absolute steal. Now, I'm off to go buy this in every single color they have.