#HowToAdult - Grocery Shopping

I remember being 14 years old and praying to God that the years would fly by. I wanted to be an adult who was independent and had the ability to make their own decisions. I had this idea in my head that by the time I got to college I'd have my life together and I would be a grown up with an amazing life. Oh how you have failed me, 14 year old expectations. 

To be fair, my life is pretty amazing. I'm almost done with college, I've got a great relationship, and I haven't killed my credit score. But somehow I missed the basic adult stuff - like grocery shopping, properly folding a fitted bed sheet, or how to properly balance a checkbook. As far as basic adult skill goes, I'm a newbie and have been for years. 

That's why I'm starting this series - #HowToAdult. I can't be the only one out there who gets home from the grocery store with 20 bags but somehow has nothing to eat for the rest of the week. It's weird and I'll never understand how I manage to do it. In order to avoid this financial mishap for good, I figured out my tips and am passing them onto my fellow "adults who don't know s*!# about being adults".

1// Take inventory of what you have: Before you head out the door, take note of what you already own, and what you can create from the ingredients you have. If you've got ground beef and lettuce, all you need from the store are taco shells for a taco night!

2// Make a list or a plan (DUH): This is painfully obvious, but I never do it. After looking at what you own, make a quick plan of meals for the week, + a list of ingredients you need to buy. This will keep you on track and give you a purpose for your trip. If you're a hardcore meal planner, this is a basic and essential step.

3// Grab a basket, not a buggy: I learned this from a friend in Charlotte. We were shopping and he grabbed a basket instead of a shopping cart. He prevented unnecessary spending - simply because there was no extra space! (Jess is probably cringing as they read this - we argued about which to get yesterday at the store)

4// Always shop for the cold stuff last: Another obvious. You don't want your ice cream melting while you're searching for the perfect brand of toilet paper.

5// Bring some headphones: I'm a bag fan of grocery shopping alone. I don't like to be bothered - basically because I want to be done with the daunting task as quickly as possible. Plugging in my headphones makes the trip bearable, and makes me walk faster (weird but true).

6// Buy the essentials in bulk: Stock up when you can. No need buying 4 rolls of toilet paper when you know you're going to have to turn around and buy more in a few weeks. Figure out what your essential items are and stock up in one trip!

What other tips do you have for grocery shoppers who don't know what their doing? What else should I discuss on the #HowToAdult series?