Monday Motivation: 101 in 1001

Welcome to a new week, everyone! It's 9:30 am and I can almost hear the universal groans of having to go back to work after a nice 4th of July weekend. I feel like Mondays are hard for almost everyone - unless you're a crazy workaholic who is also a morning person. If that's you, I give you props. I love mornings and I love my work, but not enough to be excited about the Monday that follows a summer holiday that involves red, white, and blue. 

So, to spread some motivation around I'm debuting my list of 101 goals to complete in 1001 days. If you're a part of the blogging community, you've probably seen these types of posts floating around. I'm surprised I haven't made one earlier, but now that I've completed the list I'm excited and motivated to get started. Also, special thanks to Caroline from Creating She who inspired me to create my list! 

If you aren't familiar with this concept, let me explain; The goal is to complete 101 tasks in 1001 days. Some of them are short term, others are long term. Some are a stretch, while others can be completed in a day. Why 1001 days? That's roughly under three years, which gives you plenty of time, and seasonal opportunities to complete your goals. For me, this makes more sense than New Years resolutions. Plus I really freakin' love to make lists. 

If a goal is striked through, I've completed it. If it is bold, I'm in the process of completing it. If it's in a different color, that means there is a link to a blog post about it (and you should check it out!). 

If this post has inspired you in some way, share it with others using the buttons at the bottom of the page (FB, Twitter, Pinterest are all options). I want to spread as much motivation as possible on this lovely Monday! If you're thinking about creating your own list - let me know! Tweet me a link to your list, comment down below, etc etc. Let's get started! 

My start date is July 6th, 2015 - which makes my end date April 2nd, 2018. 

1. Actually think of 101 goals


3. Spend the entire day catering to J (7/24/15)
4. Splurge on a nice present for J (11/30/2015)
6. Create an "I love you" jar
7. Create a date night jar (12/15/2015)
8. Connect with jess' family

 9. Collaborate with 5 businesses on P&B1 2 3 4 5 )
10. Get to 20,000 views on P&B (9/21/15)
11. Get 100 YouTube subscribers (?)
12. Get my blog professionally designed (7/23/15) Thanks to Noor)
13. Redesign my "meet Rhiannon" section (7/17/2015 Read it here)
14. Vamp up the newsletter (7/13/2015 Read about it here)
15. Publish 2 updates about the challenge (1 2)
16. Host 3 giveaways with other companies, and 1 on my own (1 2 3 4)
17. Start a pen-pal network with bloggers (Launched 7/13/2015 Join here)
18. Attend a blogging conference or workshop
19. Meet up with a blogger friend

20. Step into a teacher leadership position (Fall 15 Semester)
21. Hold an after school program (2/2016-6/2016)
22. Complete an interactive notebook (Fall 15 Semester)
23. Get hired somewhere other than Hickory (11/05/2015 in Waynesville!)
24. Pass my Praxis II exams (11/08/15 Language Arts)(SPED 5/04/16)
25. Apply to Full Sail University for a Masters Degree
26. Help Delta Zeta in someway during my last semester (I took the senior grad pics in May 2016)
27. GRADUATE COLLEGE! (12/12/15)
28. Participate in 3 Delta Zeta events this semester as an Alumni
29. Attend 3 CMLA meetings (1 2 3 )

30. Get my first teaching job
31. Get hired somewhere other than Hickory
32. Negotiate a higher salary
33. Invest in business cards
34. Start working with a client - blogging, media, etc
35. Write for a journal, online website or magazine
36. Update my professional wardrobe - 3 new tops (1,2,3), 2 new pants (1,2)
37. Have worked with 5 clients (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
38. Have a professional email + a personal email (02/2016)
39. Launch my Education Enhancement blog (?)
40. Completely fill out/update my LinkedIn (check out my profile here)
41. Have an income of $150 a month from my blog

42. Make a t-shirt quilt
43. Host a dinner party (Jess and I had a little burger night at the apartment on 8/29/15)
44. Cook at home for an entire week
45. Start (& keep up with) an address book (this was actually started in June and I completely forgot about it!
46. Host a housewarming party
47. Completely organize a space (that I've been avoiding)
48. Find a permanent residence once I graduate
49. Organize my jewelry
50. Invest in a nice set of kitchenware
51. Take my first trip to IKEA
52. Organize Evernote & Pinterest (7/9/2015)
53. Clean out makeup collection (11/23/15)
54. Make my bed every day for a month

55. Visit Disney World 
56. Visit my cousins in Colorado! (check out my INSTA for some awesome CO pics - I was there from 8/9-8/14)
57. Travel to Toronto, Canada
58. Travel to Boston, Massachusetts 
59. Read 3 classic novels (1,2,3)
60. Go zip lining
61. Read Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig, and Amy Poehlers books
62. Write 9 more chapters for my Novel "The Lost Words" (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
63. Visit a flea market
64. Go see a movie by myself
65. Take an online course (9/29/15)

66. Buy an new computer
67. Save $10 for every task I complete
68. Participate in a volunteering event (Volunteered at my school's fall festival!)
69. Run a volunteering event
70. Resist cutting my hair for a year (trims are okay, but nothing major)
71. Develop a lasting hair care routine (read about my hair care here)
72. Keep a 1-sentence journal for a month
73. Cut out ALL fast food for a month!
74. Vote in the next presidential election
75. Run a 5k (color run?)
76. Have 2 "staycations"
77. Start gardening
78. Create a photo album
79. Complete the 30-day squat challenge 
80. Try a DIY hair mask (This was a disaster, & was completed on 7/11/15)
81. Drink 60 ounces of water a day (that's 3 smart water bottles) for a month

For others 
82. Write 5 birthday cards (1 2 3 4 5)
83. Write 10 thank you cards (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)
84. Leave a 100% tip
85. Inspire someone to start their own list (Jess started hers on 7/8/2015)
86. Send my Grandmother flowers
87. Donate to the 1902 Loyalty society for DZ (my Grandmother actually did this for me for graduation)
88. Help a homeless person
89. Donate old clothes to Goodwill or Salvation Army (7/19/2015)
90. Plan a cousins retreat with my family

91. Purchase new Nike's (Christmas 2015)
92. Purchase signature stationary 
93. Pay off credit card in full (paid of $700 worth of debt from over the summer!!!!! heyyyoooo)
94. Start a retirement fund/401K
95. Create a savings account (12/9/15)
96. Save 25% of my paychecks
97. Make a budget binder for myself
98. Sell 5 things on Ebay (1 2 3 4 5)
99. Purchase a nice pair of boyfriend jeans (9/7/15)
100. Donate to a charity

101. Create a new 101 list to complete