My Anxiety Struggles + Tips to Calm Yourself Down

Yesterday was just one of those days. I wasn't feeling too great, despite my attempt to spread motivation on a Monday, and little things kept getting to me. As a person with extremely high anxiety, these days happen on a regular basis. I've spent a long time trying to figure out the best ways to handle anxiety and panic. As a freshman in college, I took advantage of the free 10 counseling sessions my University offered. I also eliminated the anxiety of having roommates by moving into a studio apartment. It's a daily journey for me, and I notice myself sometimes moving forward, but sometimes moving backwards.

Recently, my blog has been somewhat of a sour patch kid - first their sour, then they're sweet type of thing. I have those ongoing moments of motivation and excitement about blogging, and then I get this crippling anxiety that everyone thinks my blog is bland or boring and I must shut it down immediately *cue the dramatic music*. It's a weird thing, because I personally love my blog and what I am doing with it, but the insecurity in me cant help but wonder - do others enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it?

Then there's the whole "I'm about to graduate college and become a real adult even though I don't know how to do taxes or grocery shop properly". I feel like I wont be completely anxious free about this until I've completed my Praxis II exams, graduated, and found a stable job. I've got to take a leap into the unknown in a few months, is there really enough time to find a job before then? What if no one wants to hire a new teacher? What if I'm not as qualified as I think I am? What if I actually HATE being a teacher? My plan was so set in stone growing up, but now I'm not sure the direction I want to take - and that really terrifies me. Also, all money and bill anxiety falls into this category. No income means no paying of bills. Bleh.

Questions like these swirl around my little brain constantly on days like yesterday. I find myself glued to my bed drifting off into very bad thoughts - "I feel bad about myself and what I am doing with my life" could sum up the thought process. Other small anxieties stem from this major thing, and it can seriously take a toll on your day.

Yesterday it took me a few hours to get out of the anxious hole I just kept digging for myself. Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes shorter - there are tons of environmental factors that dictate my anxiety levels. Despite my more panicky days, I feel like I have a solid grasp on how to combat anxiety & how to calm myself down; I want to share them with anyone who might need them.

1// Go for a walk outside: This is my go-to activity to get rid of mild anxiety. Being outside gives me a breath of fresh air and allows me to be alone. It also provides a good distraction, because I'm always wearing headphones when I walk.

2// Call someone: I call my dad when things start to get out of hand. If I find myself at the point where I can't control the anxiety and panic on my own, I call him. All of this advice (& more) comes from him. I'm usually the kid who questions authority, but not when it comes to this. My dad's advice about anxiety 100% works all the time.

3// Organize: A lot of my anxiety comes from lack of control over a situation (or the idea that I have no control over my life). An immediate relaxer is making a plan - Depending on what is making me anxious, I'll plan out the rest of my day/week, or I'll start cleaning and organizing my apartment. Just doing something that makes my area clearer helps calm my nerves and relax my mind.

4// Write: I chose to start this article because I was anxious, and as I'm finishing up the last touches, I feel much better. Writing is a soothing outlet for me, and allows my anxieties to flow out of my brain and onto paper. If you aren't a big writer, try reading or creating some art.

5// Be around people you love: This is a difficult one for me because when I feel anxious I crave being alone. But sometimes, it's other people that can help you relax. My partner is always there for me if needed, and after almost a year of being together, I'm getting comfortable discussing my anxieties with them. Plus, Jess makes me laugh all the time and that's an automatic pick-me-up.

These are the tips that work for me, and I hope that they help you. Let me know in the comments if you have any tips on battling with anxiety & I'll add them to the list. What do you worry about the most? What helps ease your mind? 

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Be sure to drink lots of water and take time to yourself this week. Your health is more important than anything else. xx