One Year.

Today Jess and I are celebrating one year together. Until today, I've never had a 'one year'. My previous long term relationship was on and off, so anniversaries weren't really our thing. But, this year I'm happy and in a wonderful relationship.

It's pretty surreal how quickly the time has flown. I remember the first time Jess came to visit me at Western, and our first Christmas together. I remember Valentines day and birthdays, and it's great to be back at the date that this all started. I feel like I've learned a lot about Jess, myself, and relationships in general the past year. I've grown up a lot.Today I am content with my life, because of who is a part of it. I've never been happier, and I owe it all to my partner. It's a very rare thing to find a pure and honest love at 22, but I am lucky enough to have it in my grasp.

I decided to let my readers in on my relationship a bit, without completely taking down the wall of privacy. I've written a one year letter to my partner, and I'm sharing it with you guys.

Dear Jess,

You came into my life at an interesting time. A time where I was trying to find myself, and trying to find happiness. I think it's a bit too coincidental that you happened to be the "friend" that tagged along with K at the bar. The series of events that had to happen for us to meet were timed perfectly, and this was a one in a million chance. Some part of the universe was pulling us together.

You have been a consistent part of my life for one year. That's longer than anyone else, which speaks volumes. As a person who beats to her own drum, it's rare to find someone who can dance to that beat. But if there's one thing I've learned this year, it's the fact that we're ultra rare holographic for sure.

Thank you for teaching me to love and believe in myself. You constantly remind me of my worth and motivate me to reach my full potential. You push me in the best of ways, and are always on my team. I've never had that before. For that alone, I am lucky. Thank you for being the bright and productive individual you are. Your work ethic and passion for what you do amazes me. I love watching you work and hearing you talk about the things you enjoy, because I can tell how happy you are. You have accomplished wonderful things and I can't wait to see what else you can do.

You've helped me out of my comfort zones in all aspects of life. I'm very a bit stubborn at times, but you help me experience new things and embrace the discomfort that comes with the unknown. You have educated me and helped me understand things, and I learn something new about you everyday.

I also want to thank your family for being so welcoming. They have been so kind and have let me into their homes so genuinely. Throughout all of my relationships, I've looked for a family who invites me in without hesitation, and I'm happy to have found that with yours. You're a lucky individual to have a family like yours. They make me smile, laugh (a lot), and I'm always excited to be around them.

Thank you for accepting me at my best and at my worst. Thank you for loving me despite how angry, anxious, or crazy I might get. I am well aware that I am a handful. Thank you for the little things - like always getting me some snacks when I'm already wrapped up in bed with Netflix. Or trying to make me laugh with your "joke of the day" for Zapier.

My favorite part about our relationship is the laughter. I haven't laughed with someone so much before. I'm in tears on the regular, but in a good way. You're hilarious, don't mind my weirdness, and laugh along with me no matter what. You are so fun. On the contrary, you've seen me shed tears of anger and sadness, and held me through the pain. You were strong when I needed you to be, and that means the world to me. I've spent the past 22 years doing life by myself, and it's a refreshing feeling to have someone consistently there to support me.

This year has been one I will always remember. I've loved all of the ups and downs, all the adventures and traveling, and all of the new things I've experienced. Thank you for taking a chance on me. You are my very best friend, my foundation, half of my heart and half of my soul. I love you and I like you.