The #1 Way to Know That I'm Successful as a Blogger

I've completely thrown myself into the blogging world this summer. I decided after turning down a job opportunity that I was going to spend the rest of my summer doing something that I enjoyed, rather than trying to over-prepare myself for this coming semester (with that being said, I haven't completely abandoned the idea of being prepared for a semester, I've just stopped forcing myself to work on things that weren't going to benefit me 100 percent). One of the biggest lessons I got from being offered a full time position before graduation is that you have to find a passion and something you love. I've written articles about passion before and I've spent years figuring out what I enjoyed doing - only to come to the current realization that passions, paths, and "loves" can change.

If you asked my father what I do everyday, he would immediately mention my obsession with technology, and the ability to be universally connected through my phone, different apps, emails, newsletters, blogging networks, and my website itself. I've spent 98 percent of my time glued to my laptop - researching, writing, pinning, and discussing everything related to blogging. Before this summer, I would idly write a post without sharing it, and I had no idea what the terms SEO or social media marketing meant. Now, I have an extensive process to my blog, and it's put me on a wonderful path to what I call success.

I'd consider blogging to be stored into my professional and personal banks of success, because it's allowing me to network in the professional world, while also fulfilling multiple personal goals. I get to write everyday, meet and interact with new people, give out advice & possibly inspire some people. My passion is to help people, and this outlet allows me to do that. The greatest part about this is I'm working with a team of women through networks - that's helped me launch my pen pal network and start #GuestPostThursdays.

Even through all of that, there's one fundamental reason I can say I'm a successful blogger, and I think it's the best way to measure success in any field.
I am successful because I love what I am doing.

 I wake up in the morning excited to write, network, and promote other bloggers & businesses. I work 10 hours a day because it's my idea of fun. I'm glued to my technology because it's interesting and allows me to communicate with other people who are just as happy and passionate as myself. When you're happy and dedicated to something, you automatically learn more, do more, and value it more. This leads to success. Because I'm happy to research SEO and reach out to brands about my blog, I find that I'm more successful at collaborating, reaching my target audience, and creating quality content. Insider Tip: You wont get 1,000 page views a day if you're not excited to wake up in the morning and start working.

Take a look at what makes you happy - what you enjoy working on. Once you've narrowed down what really gets your blood pumping, throw yourself into it. Completely sink into it's depth and work your ass off at it. If it's blogging, create content every day. Promote it wherever and whenever you can. Blog like you've got a million readers already, and I promise you that they will come. Stay true to yourself and always make sure you're enjoying what you do. 


So - now that the advice is out of the way, want to know what this blogger has in store for you? I'm obsessed with projects, so I'm working on a few for you guys. In the next few months you can expect:

  • E-books, free printables, and other creative paper things! 
  • Online courses - ranging from graphic design to a blogger bootcamp. 
  • A NEW blog launch {this one's for the Education lovers out there}.
  • A new series - Get the look for LESS! My first post will involve everyone's favorite "it girl" from Gossip Girl ;)
  • A continuation of my usual series: I'll be publishing updates on my 101 in 1001, more #HowToAdults, and an update on the Pen Pal community! 
I really am looking forward to all this, and I'm so glad you're a part of this. To stay up to date with all of this info, plus get all the free stuff - join our newsletter! Just scroll up and sign up in the right corner of the blog. Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your weekend.