The Heels + Jeans Combo, & Friday Roundup

top: nollie essentials from Pacsun // necklace, purse, & shoes: Charlotte Russe // bralette: nollie essentials from Pacsun 

This Friday I'm featuring a casual look from one of my last nights in Pennsylvania. If you follow me in Instagram, you've seen some of these shots before. Personally, I absolutely adore this outfit. I rarely get the opportunity to wear heels with jeans, even though its one of my favorite fashion combos. To keep it as casual as possible, I paired it with a recent summer purchase - my Nollie Essentials goddess tank. This was featured in a past 'Favorites' and I love it so much I got it in two colors. 

I'm also loving some links this Friday. A lot has been going on for Peace & Blessings - I had my feature on Haute Tempered with Caroline from Creating She. I also got to write a guest post about makeup tips for girls with glasses that went up on Chloe Cake. The #BloggerBuddies pen pal community got some great hits as well - we've got 65 bloggers excited about building a community. Big thanks to Jacqueline & Kenzie for creating their own blog pages about it. And to wrap up this round up - my favorite post this week is on A Girl, Obsessed 5 apps for blog productivity

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend - I'll see you on Monday! If you're subscribed to the Peace & Blessings newsletter you can expect that in your inbox Monday morning. Not subscribed? Just use the box to the right, or the bar at the top of the page.