Travel Tips + What's in my Travel Bag!

I'm coming to you LIVE from the great state of New York, which is the first destination of many that I will be traveling this month. July is jam packed with trips for me. After this, I'm planning on stopping in New Jersey for a bit, then heading back to North Carolina before Jess and I go to Florida at the end of the month. Even August is packed tight with trips - following Florida, I'll be in Colorado (extra exciting because I've never been) and then heading back to Cullowhee where I will move into my new apartment. Can you tell I may have overbooked myself? 

That's okay though, because I want to make the most out of my summer, and that means traveling as efficiently as possible. With so many things going on, it's important that I stay on track and don't get overwhelmed by packing and repacking. As a person who does a lot of driving, I've learned how to pack well for a car. I don't fly as much, but when I do I really hate checking luggage, that means learning how to stuff everything I need into a carry on bag + a purse. It can be done people, I promise. 

I hate procrastinating when it comes to packing, and I really like to be organized, so I take pride in my traveling tips. I've learned a lot from the many Nc --> PA trips I have taken. I've actually impressed myself with my ability to pack lightly, and still have the things I want and need. 

  1. Pre-plan: Make a packing list. For me, that's half the fun of packing and traveling. I get to choose everything that will go with me on the trip, and having a list helps me remember every last thing. I try to make it a few days in advance, that way I can add to it as I think of things. I really hate forgetting important items, so having a list is my saving grace. I also try to make it colorful and fun - might as well!
  2. Invest in "travel size" stuff: I went over to 5Below and bought some q-tips, mini makeup wipes, and a purple plastic travel size kit. That way, I didn't have to lug around big containers of shampoo and conditioner when going on a driving trip, & wouldn't have to worry about over the limit containers when flying. I used the kit for shampoo, conditioner, my tea tree spray from Lush, and my Harmon Face Values moisturizer.
  3. Bring versatile items: I am the queen of over-packing, and then hating everything I brought once I get there. Now I stick to my favorite tee's, black jeans, and some Jack Rogers. For my New York trip I figured we would be primarily in the pool, which means lots of shorts and tee's. I did pack two nice shirts and one pair of shorts that could be considered "dressy", just in case plans change. Remember, if you're going somewhere with a washer and dryer, utilize it.
  4. Have some "boredom hacks": When I'm flying, I'll bring a book and my headphones. I get really anxious when flying, so reading distracts me. I mainly sleep though, because I catch the insanely early flights. It's hard to read when I'm riding passenger in the car, so I stick with my headphones and social media for boredom cures on car rides. Pack a few things to keep yourself occupied.
  5. When packing, roll rather than fold: You save so much space this way. I know this tip is all over the internet, but that's because it's true 100% of the time. Rolling your thin clothing really helps, especially if you have a hard exterior suitcase. Mine has divots inside of it that work perfectly with my rolled clothes.
  6. Charge yo' stuff: I've heard of people having their boarding pass on a cell phone, and it dying before they got to the gate. No one wants to be that person. Charge your phone, and bring a charger in your purse or carry on bag. It's common sense, y'all. 

What's in my travel bag?
--> Smart water (for obvious hydration)
--> Lotion
--> My tangle teaser (smaller than my usual brush)
--> My Erin Condren planner
--> A selfie stick (no judging here!)
--> My Canon camera
--> Beats
--> My clutch (it holds all my cards)

Where are you traveling this summer? we've only got about a month left - let's make it count!