Monday Motivation: August Goals

I find it far too annoying that it's already August. Does anyone else feel like this summer's departure came a bit too soon? With a new month upon us (and two weeks until school starts) I've put together my August goals in hopes of getting myself, and everyone else motivated on this lovely Monday. A few of these are on my 101 in 1001 list, while others are just goals I know need to get done this month. Can someone pinky swear to keep me accountable for these? 

1// Begin designing my E-book 
If you read my last blog post, you saw an ongoing list of projects that I have for Peace & Blessings; an e-book is one of them! I stumbled upon Regina's blog last week and completely fell in love. If anyone is looking to up their freelance game, she is the ultimate guide (and all that I aspire to be). There are very few women out there that deserve my YGG approval, but she is absolutely one of them. I have a few different ideas for e-books, but I'm not sure which one I want to begin with. This e-book will be FREE (yes, you heard me right) to all of my subscribers, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter. While you're at it, why don't you tell me what kind of e-book you'd like to see! 

2// Have all of September's lesson plans completed
My internship starts on August 18th, and I'm so anxious about staying ahead. This summer I started lesson planning and developing some routines that I hope will help myself, and my 8th graders stay motivated and on task. I'm starting Monday Meetings and a weekly vocab lesson (don't worry - quick and painless once a week!), as well as a buddy system. I have a large calendar that I jot down a tentative schedule on, and my goal is to have lessons for September finished and in my Internship binder by the end of August.

3// Launch my "first" YouTube video
Last summer I launched a YouTube channel. I don't remember why or how I got into making videos, but I LOVED it. I had a great time being silly on camera and reviewing products. I tried to use my platform as a place to promote things like body positivity, but I eventually stopped making videos and took them all down. I wasn't feeling confident enough with my videos and I let a lot of outside opinions get to me. I'd like to make a new video for my YouTube channel this month; hopefully this will be a better experience. 

4// Write 5 birthday cards
I'm really obsessed with stationary and handwritten letters. I am also obsessed with birthdays. This month I want to combine the two and write 5 birthday cards for family and friends, and send them out. I'll be using this as a chance to connect with some new friends as well! 

5// Keep a 1-sentence journal for a month
When I was young I kept a handwritten journal - now that I'm older it makes me smile (and sometimes cringe) to look back on those memories. I want to start jotting down something each day into my Kate Spade journal, in hopes that I can reflect on the month and start living a happier life. 

What are some of your goals for the new month?

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