Reviewing 101 in 1001

If you're a regular in the blogosphere, you've probably seen the usual 101 in 1001 post on everyone and their mothers blog. As much as I like to beat to my own drum, sometimes I follow a fad (if it's a good one) and I actually admit it. The 101 in 1001 fad is definitely one that I love. If you haven't read the original post, stop, read it here, and come back to see how I've done so far. I'm using today as a way to see my own progress and recap what I've accomplished in the short amount of time I've been working on these goals. Let's get started, shall we?

Day started: July 6th, 2015
Time passed: 32 days
Time left: 969 days
Goals completed: 11
Goals in progress: 3
Goals untouched: 87

These numbers actually impress me. I feel proud that I've completed 11 goals in 32 days - but I noticed that they're mostly blog related. This is neither a good or a bad thing, just interesting. Probably because I've treated blogging like my full time job this summer. But lets not get sidetracked, I'll start at the beginning; 

Obviously the first goal I completed was actually thinking of 101 goals. This took me about 3 days total. I didn't want to publish until I was completely satisfied with what I had, because I really don't want to change anything. The next completed goal was #3 on the list - spend a whole date catering to Jess. This came unexpected, but during their surgery recovery I tried my very best to be caring, attentive, and extra loving. I'd like to spend another day doing nice things for Jess, mainly because they spend all the other days of the year catering to me. I'm a lucky girl indeed. 

Blog related goals that were completed included: 
#12 Getting my blog professionally redesigned: this was a lucky one! I won a giveaway on Noor's blog and she created the amazing custom design that I have now on my blog. I'm literally obsessed with it and couldn't have asked for a better person to help me with branding. Seriously, everyone go check her out

#13 Redesigning the "meet Rhiannon" section: I'm very happy with this as well. I took some time to research different "about" sections and found that what I have now works best with my blog style and what I'm trying to accomplish. If you read it, you'll learn about myself, as well as the blog itself. 

#14 Vamping up my newsletter: I wrote a blog post about my newsletter here, which includes tips for your own. It's so vital to have a newsletter, plus they're really fun to create. I send mine out every week, are you subscribed? I try to make it as personal as possible, and it's a huge improvement from the weird RSS feed that I was sending out every week.

#17 Start a pen pal network: You guys are probably tired of me talking about #BloggerBuddies, but I'm really proud of it. Since it's launch on July 13th, we've had 84 awesome blogger babes sign up. The first month is going smoothly and I'm loving all the positive feedback I'm getting. My blogger buddy this month is Brittany who blogs over at Stepping On Dandelions.

Professional goals that were completed:
#40 Completely fill out/update my LinkedIn: It took me a long time to figure out LinkedIn, but thanks to some research, tips from Pinterest, and Jess, I've got a pretty bangin' page! There's even a nice headshot on there. ;) 

Personal goals completed:

#52 Organizing my Evernote and Pinterest: I'm a big advocate for handwriting things, but I do enjoy Evernote and Pinterest. Mainly I just wanted my Pinterest to look more aesthetically pleasing, and I wanted to delete the year old, one sentence notes that I had cluttering up my Evernote. 

#80 Trying a DIY hair mask: This was a compete DISASTER. So, my hair is fine, short, and frizzy. It isn't too damaged because I stopped putting heat to it, but it could definitely be healthier, so I tried a coconut milk + honey hair mask. I spent a day reading about them on Pinterest and was excited to try it out. I read about the risks and should have paid more attention to the warnings in the comments, but I was just eager to see some health in my hair - so I went ahead and did it. First, it was so messy. Second, it took two showers to get the coconut milk out of my hair. Before I did the second wash, my hair was greasy and stringy. It also sent Jess into an allergic reaction - so basically I almost killed my partner for some healthier hair. Personally I wouldn't do this again, but if you have very dry or thick hair, it might work well for you. i'm just glad I tried it. 

The last two goals I completed involved donating clothes to Salvation Army - After trying to sell half of my closet on a Facebook items for sale site, I just decided to send a huge box over to Salvation Army as a donation. And finally, I inspired Jess to create their own 101 in 1001 list which helped me cross one off my own list. 


If you're still reading this far, virtual high fives and hugs for you! I realize this post is getting long, and I swear I'm almost done. I'm in the process of completing 3 goals on my list and I think they deserve an update as well: 

#9 Collaborate with 5 businesses on P&B: I'm about halfway done with this! Thanks to BrandBacker I was able to work with Lashem and MySlimQuick through campaigns. I've also partnered with Rocksbox (have you used my code rhimixxoxo for a FREE month of designer jewelry?) and will be hosting a giveaway with Adam Block Design very soon. I'm proud of how far this blog has come this summer. 

#70 Resist cutting my hair for a year: This will probably be the hardest goal for me. I'm always changing my hair. I've been blonde, brunette, a read head, and a pink head. My go to haircut is short with bangs, but I look best with long hair. I'm trying so hard to grow it long and grow it strong but it's hard to resist making a change. I started this on July 8th and snapped a picture. In between that date and now I got a trim to get rid of dead ends, and as of today it is healthy, but a tiny bit shorter than the picture below.

#97 Make a budget binder for myself: This turned into an entire life binder for Jess and I, with a financing section. I'm terrible at budgeting, but this summer I was able to stick with one and it helped relieve any financial anxiety I was having. With a new semester approaching, I'm working on creating a permanent budget that will work for me. 

Phew, okay! I'm going to check back in in a few months and see how much more I've completed. If you're working on your 101 in 1001 list, how is it going? What goal are you most excited about working on next? & finally, which goal should I work towards next?