The Importance of Being a Guest Blogger

Today on #GuestPostThursday, I don't actually have a guest, but I'm sending some love over to a few bloggers that have worked with me in the past. I'm also discussing the importance of being a guest blogger, as well as hosting guests on your own blog.

If you're unfamiliar with the process I have for #GuestPostThursday, let me enlighten. I have a running list of lovely bloggers who offered to write a post that would be featured on Peace & Blessings. I keep everything organized in a Google Doc and update it with new slots regularly. For the most part, the available dates are on Thursday (duh), but I'll add extra days here and there to accommodate my schedule, as well as other bloggers. This has allowed me to feature amazing brands like Steph from The Lovely Essentials, my own tech savvy partner, & beauty guru's like Chloe. But why is this so important for your brand?

1// It brings insane amounts of traffic to your blog: One of my guest bloggers wrote a piece that is one of my most popular posts on here. You're introducing content to your own readers, as well as your guests reader base. It's a win win for everyone, because of the cross trafficking.

2// It builds new relationships: assuming that your guest blogger has a pleasant experience, you're building your network and relationships within the blogging community. That's always a great feeling, and helps your brand become more relate-able and 'human'.

3// It gives you a break: As a blogger who hates to break a cycle, it's nice to know that every Thursday I get a small break from my blog. I let someone new take the driver seat, and I get to sit back and enjoy what they produce.

4// Guest bloggers bring something unique: Your niche is expanding when you allow other bloggers write for you. Everyone has their own style and favoring topics, and allowing them to write for you grows your brand. For example, I'm terrible at writing about beauty products. It's not my favorite topic to discuss, but I connected with Maricor and she wrote a lovely post about them.

If you're interested in writing for Peace & Blessings, shoot me an email or leave a comment below. I'll get in contact with you asap and we can set up a date for you to be featured! While you're still here, check out my press page to see where Peace & Blessings has been featured, & read my most recent interview on The Best of Lemons

Happy Thursday, everyone!