1 Outfit; 3 Ways - The Classic Sundress

August came and went, along with our long summer days and tiny triangle bikinis. For those of you who just aren't ready to pack up the sundresses and sandals, I've got the perfect solution for you. Being able to transform a summer wardrobe into a winter one is easy, although it never seems that way without some direction or inspiration. Sure, we've got Pinterest, but are our style boards really a good representation of our actual closet? Probably not. For us twenty-somethings, we have to get a little crafty (and frugal).

Step one - grab your favorite sundress. Virtually any dress will work. As long as it's lacking sleeves and isn't a "lets go out to the club at 11 pm" kind of fitting dress. Think flirty and flowing for this look. I'm choosing one of my favorites from Charlotte Russe. It's a navy dress with bright colored flowers scattered across the entire dress. The dark color makes it easy to transform into a winter or fall look.

Once you've found your perfect summer sundress, the creativity begins. Grab your favorite accessories and start pairing them together. This is such a fun step because you can interchange accessories to create a brand new look, without having to go buy a new head-to-toe outfit every time the leaves change. 

The Summer Look is by far the easiest. If you've picked out a sundress and own a pair of sandals, you're pretty much set. Throw on a hat or sunglasses and you're well on your way to a perfect Labor Day weekend vacation #ootd. With this look, less is more. Let the sundress be your main focus and allow dainty jewelry to subtly surround the look. I usually wear some statement earrings, like the ones in this photo, and a small ring. 

The Fall Look is so fun because we get the opportunity to break out our booties and scarves. As much as the twenty something enjoys summer, the "basic" side of us yearns for fall (and Pumpkin Spice
Latte's). This look is great for those days where it's not too hot, but not to cold, and the leaves are slowly changing from a bright green to a soft yellow. I'm throwing a light blouse over my sundress and bringing in some fall colors with my necklace.

The Winter Look is one you can really get creative with. There are so many winter accessories that can help transform your summer sundress - cute tights, knee high boots, knit sweaters and chic trench coats. The possibilities here are really endless. I chose to accessorize with my favorite knit sweater, and some of my Rocksbox jewelry. If you're residing in an especially cold climate, throw on some nude pantyhose or bright colored tights. 

Some great go-to accessories for changing up an outfit can most likely be found around your bedroom. Pull out that scarf you were obsessed with last fall and tie it around a cute bag. Stack some gold necklaces around your neck or pair a bright statement necklace with a solid shirt. Add a cardigan to a classic jeans + tee look. The possibilities are endless and this is the perfect way to unleash some fashion creativity!

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