Big & Little: The things they don't tell you when you're becoming a 'biggie'

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So, it's a personal value of mine to always keep it real on this blog, no matter what the topic is. I stumble across so many blogs and YouTube channels that are disgustingly perfect, because they're tweaking their daily lifestyle to seem that way. Somehow their hair is always perfect, their room always clean (and eerily white?), and their morning routines full of healthy breakfasts and hour long workout sessions. Where do you find the time to flawlessly curl your hair, prepare a full breakfast, and work out without sweating?!

The same goes for parts of Greek Life. No one tells you during recruitment that their might be overwhelming nerves and 3 hour long chapter meetings. The houses seem to be filled with charm and ..sparkles? Seriously why is everything so sparkly and glowy during recruitment? Now, let me say right off the bat that I would never ever ever ever regret joining Greek Life, or my organization. It brought me memories that I wouldn't trade for a million dollars. But, I see one particular aspect of Greek Life that gets overly glamorized and is actually really hard. Big/Little.

You see, no one ever tells you that as a Big, you're the responsible one. You're an automatic role model, and you will absolutely 100% mess up sometimes. Being a big sister is a tough job, because you're in a sense 'in charge' of a new girls future within your organization. You're the person she is counting on and rooting for. She chose you out of everyone, and if your school is anything like mine, it can get brutal. No one tells you that sometimes, you'll have to put boyfriends aside and make her a larger priority. No one tells you that this relationship takes lots of work, and lots of time. 

When I picked up my little, I was so oblivious to the responsibilities that I almost lost her. We didn't have a thriving relationship. There weren't many big/little lunch dates or daily conversations. We went months without talking, because i just didn't understand that when you have a little sister, you have to be the primary giver in the relationship. As a very new sister, I looked at being a Big kind of like a fancy badge, not realizing that it actually came with legitimate responsibility. 

Something that they also don't tell you about being a Big is it's so incredibly rewarding if you put the effort into it. You're given a best friend, a family member, and someone that looks up to you. It's a crazy amazing feeling, that completely outweighs the difficult times you might have. So many people expect flawless relationships with their little's, not realizing that it's a relationship, and like any relationship it takes work. If you're a big struggling to connect with your little, reflect on yourself and really think about if you're doing the best that you absolutely can. Are you making her a priority? Are you treating her with respect? Are you making her feel wanted? You have to find a balance between being a role model, a teacher, a friend, a sister, and a person who saves her from the drunken boy at the bar. 

I don't want to make all the Bigs out there to feel inferior with my 'tough love'. We're all human, we all have things we need to work on. I want to reach out to the Little's out there who just got a Big (or who are interested in forming a better bond with their Big). Don't think the responsibility is all on biggie, my friend. If you want it to work between the two of you, you have to be willing to keep trying. It's important to recognize that the Big is learning and trying their best. Are you trying your best? 

Today my little and I have the strongest bond possible. She is one of my closest friends, my biggest supporter, and someone that I talk with daily. The biggest takeaway from my big/little experience is that it takes time to build a lasting relationship - be patient, be kind, and love your big or little endlessly. 

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