#GPT: How to Grow your Blog: 5 Easy Tips!

Hello loves! Today I'm so excited to debut Noor on Peace & Blessings! She is the lovely human behind my custom blog design, and is such a sweet blogger friend of mine. I've been excited to read her guest post and am equally as ecstatic to share it with you all. 


Hello Peace & Blessings readers,
I am Noor Unnahar, the blogger behind Noor's Place blog. I'm a student of business & commerce, in the final year of college. I just turned 18 this month. It left me wondering, "where did the time go, huh?".
Today, I wanted to share some of the most valuable tips I learned in the blogging world, for growing my blog. When it comes to blogging, different things work for different people. Like, Formula A would work like magic for person A but it wouldn't exactly go the same for person B. We have to keep going until we find our voice & niche, along with consistent hard work. I was told no matter what we do, if we do it with passion and love, everything pays off in the form of success. But there are some certain things that can help infinitely.

1. Use quality photos
Beautiful photos don't have to be from fancy DSLRs. You can always work for the composition of photos and make their good, in your own way. Adding photos make your blog posts a lot more eye-catching and appealing, so your readers would love to stay. You can use stock photos too. But original content has its own perks.
// Here's a helpful post on how to take amazing photos right from your smartphone by A Beautiful Mess.

2. Focus on social media
I could never grow my blog without Twitter. I also met so many local bloggers and PR persons through my Twitter. It was social media that got me a pass to my first blogging event. Instagram helped me be a lot more creative with my photography. This is how social media can help. So, why aren't YOU using it? Use Twitter more. Participate in twitter chats. Join blogging groups on Facebook. Join bloggers' boards on Pinterest. Interact with other bloggers as you meet them on each platform. It will bring you amazing results in few days. Trust me.
// Here's a list of Twitter chats I found, it's really helpful. I also host one on Saturdays, it's #socialbloggers. Join us sometimes.

3. Socialize with other bloggers
This is how you can grow your blog, organically. Comment on others' blogs. Share their posts on social media (if you don't want to share, it's still cool. You can just discuss them on their social medias. Consider point # 2 very important).
// Here's the perfect Pinterest board I follow to get the best social media posts from the web.

4. Be active
Take part in link ups. if you have something to say, email a blogger to let them know if you have a question. Send queries for blog collaborations. It doesn't hurt to spend 2 minutes in this kind of networking, but it leaves a great impression of your heartfelt effort to the other blogger.
// Here's a list of some link ups I know + if you're into pretty photos, then you should join iGraphy link up.

5. Keep a clean looking layout
Nobody likes to navigate through a messy, unarranged and untidy layout of a blog. Sort your blog layout. Tweak it, polish it and try to have it minimal as much as you can. A minimal blog design doesn't have to be all black and white, deadly empty, hurting the eyes of the reader. Try minimalism in the overall look. Don't add too many fonts or colors. Keep a simple yet catching look.
// Want a pretty custom blog design or full rebranding? I would love to help, right from my design studio.

I hope this post helps you to grow your blog and take it to another level. If you have any questions, you can leave them in comments and I will be happy to help.

What are your top tips that helped you grow your blog?

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