Life, Lately: The September Issue.

September has been the month of quarter life crisis breakdowns and pre-graduation anxiety (actually, that was most of college). I'm coming in on the middle of my semester as a "super senior" and it's really weird to think that I'll be graduating soon. September has been a difficult month because almost all of my licensure requirements are due at the beginning of October. Which means, I've had to buckle down and handle 529784 things at once. My dad always warns me about piling my plate too high, why don't I ever listen to him? Oops.

One of my favorite parts of September has been starting a journal. I kept one in high school, and I threw it away when I came to college (one of my biggest regrets). I wish I could get all of that writing back, because I think it's so important to look back on your life and experiences and see how far you've come. Since I don't have my high school journal, I decided to start a new one. Since about July, I've felt so much anxiety and insecurity, so I'm using writing as an outlet - and thankfully it seems to be working. If you're struggling with something, I encourage you to write it down. Just getting things out on paper can help so much, even if it doesn't make sense or is scribbled across a scrap sheet of paper. Just write - it helps.

Work: My internship is coming along nicely. It's hard to believe it's already October. Graduation is only a few months away, and that means that requirements for my teaching license will be due soon as well. I take the Praxis II exam on October 17th, so if you could send some good vibes my way that would be great.

I'm really liking this group of kids. I feel a much stronger professional connection to them than with my previous 8th graders, probably because I came into this year on day #1, rather than mid year. I've seen significant growth in myself as a teacher and a professional, which really makes me happy. Although I have my (really) bad days, I'm enjoying the internship and am still excited for my own classroom.

Play: As much as I'm excited for school to be over, the anxiety of getting older and joining the 'real world' is really getting to me. I'm avoiding the anxiety by reliving my Freshman year and spending as much time as possible with friends. Although this results in lack of sleep, I'm making incredible memories and incredible friends. I've been attached to Dani's side lately, and spent tons of time with my Little N. It's really helped me stay busy and preoccupied with an empty apartment. I enjoy my space, but living alone after a year of living with someone else is weird and I hate it. I'm slowly adjusting, but it's taking time.

Inspiration: My blogging inspiration was scarce this month. I didn't excel in my writing, mainly because I've had to focus on teaching (which is okay). I wouldn't say I was in a blogger rut, I was simply too busy to focus on two passions at once. But, I did have some style inspiration this month, which resulted in me buying a pair of boyfriend jeans, and a big floppy hat. I'm working on a blog post about styling boyfriend jeans, and furiously pinning as many "black floppy hats" as possible onto my Pinterest board.

Instagram: This is my primary social media app, mainly because I can post selfies on selfies on selfies and no one cares. I've steered away from my Instagram theme and am just posting whatever the heck I want. I'm always looking for pretty new Insta's to follow, so feel free to leave a comment with your handle and I'll take a look!

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How was your September? Let me know in the comments, and give me some suggestions on what to do during the month of October! xx