Morning Motivation: My September Goals

I'm actually dreading writing this post. Not because I'm a lazy 22 year old (although my unwashed hair and sweatpants would suggest otherwise) but because I'm setting new goals knowing that I didn't actually accomplish any of my August goals. Literally none. It's so humiliating and depressing, to be honest. I feel like I wasted a month of my life on who knows what. 

To be fair, I set some pretty big goals during a month of hectic travels and life changes. During the month of August alone I was traveling out west for the first time, moving into a new apartment, starting a full time teaching internship, taking an online class, and working with two new blog clients. Needless to say my plat was F U L L (and to be honest, still is). Alas, that is no excuse to give up on your goals, so I'm putting my tail between my legs and trying to glide into September with a little bit of motivation and dignity. Part of me thought about keeping the same 5 goals that I had in August, but clearly something wasn't working with those goals. Either they weren't feasible during this time period, or at all. Regardless, I'm setting some different ones, and hopefully I can actually stick to these!

1// Organize my jewelry 
My jewelry is currently on my vanity in a plastic container. Classy, right? When I was living at Rabbit Ridge, i kept my jewelry on a bulletin board in the bathroom, but even that didn't work. I still left my jewelry in tangled messes around my bathroom and bedroom. It's a terrible habit that I want to fix. I'm trying to think of an effective way to display my jewelry and keep it organized. I may try the bulletin board DIY again, or scrounge through YouTube to find a cuter DIY.

2// Attend a Delta Zeta event
As a 5th year, I have to be invited to Delta Zeta events. Even with an invitation, my busy schedule prevents me from attending everything that I want too. This month I'm making it a goal to attend one Delta Zeta event (because honestly, I miss my sisters). Whether it be chapter, a philanthropy event, or a social, I'd like to make the most of this semester and stay as active as possible.

3// Write 2 more chapters for my first book
A life long goal of mine is to write a book, and last month I wanted to start my first e-book. I began an outline but it faded away as my days got busy. This month I want to focus on writing two chapters for ANY book that I'm thinking about starting. So far I'm working on a fiction novel, a blogging and branding book, and my memoirs. Can you tell that I love writing yet?

4// Complete my online class #GoIndependent
If you aren't familiar with Regina, you need to check out her blog right now. Seriously, click the link ad explore her amazing site. She has amazing resources and I fan girl over her on the regular. I enrolled in one of her online courses this summer and it's packed with awesome content. I'm working on going independent and taking this class has helped me organize my goals and work towards being a freelancer. I'm about halfway done with the class and want to complete it by the end of September.

What are some of your goals this month? Along with these 4 goals, I've got my 101 in 1001 goals for the next 3 years! Hopefully rereading them will get my motivated enough to complete these 4. Stay motivated, everyone!