The Wonderful (weird) World of Lesbian Fashion

Hey - YOU! Yeah you, the P&B reader - this post is a colab with Effort-Lez, an amazing LGBTQ+ blog that reached out to me. We are both touching on some lesbian related issues, so after you read mine, pop on over and check out her blog post

I've grown up experimenting with different styles and clothing. I went through the scene phase, the preppy phase, and the "I don't give a shit" phase all through high school and college. My closet has a little bit of everything in it, because I refuse to commit to one particular style. It just seems far too limiting to stick to one genre of clothing. Why can't I dress like Blair Waldorf one night and Pink the next? After so many years of self exploration, I realized that we have complete control over our style and it isn't a sin to dress differently - we aren't bound to one stereotype.

I think this is especially true in the LGBTQ+ community. I was what I like to call a "late bloomer" - I waited until my Senior year of college to come out as a lesbian, which put me a bit behind on the inner circle style and expectations. Basically, I dress extra feminine and no one actually knows my sexual orientation unless they see me out with another woman or they verbally ask me. Although I have an edgy vibe to my look, it isn't enough to portray my sexual preferences, and that sometimes frustrates me. I feel like there's an unspoken rule that lesbians have to dress in cargo shorts and sports bra's to be noticed by the rest of the community, and the feminine girls who enjoy dresses and lipstick get left behind.

So maybe that's why I've had the strange urge to throw on some men's clothes and parade through straight bars. If you're a regular on Peace & Blessings, you already know this information via The Gender Tag. I've always wanted to put on more masculine clothes, I've just never done it - probably out of insecurity. I think it's just something I would want to try every once and a while, but not make it my signature look. My whole issue with this sports bra's and cargo shorts fad is the fact that women, lesbians, men, whoever, should be able to wear whatever they want and not have to feel insecure. But, as I type that, my mind thinks about the alternative - aren't we all just using fashion as a way to express ourselves? Wouldn't fashion just be another way to portray our sexuality to the right people? 99 percent of the population thinks that I'm a straight white girl, because I look like a straight white girl.

I want to be able to wear dresses one day and t-shirts the next, without feeling this ping of insecurity and side-eye action from the LGBTQ+ community. I also just really want to wear a tie one day. Tie's are cool.

If you're struggling with how to portray your sexuality via fashion (like myself), don't follow in my footsteps. Don't let insecurity and the worlds perception of you get in the way of your own personal style choices. If you're a gold star lesbian and want to wear dresses everyday, you go girl. If you're a girl who wants to make the change from feminine to masculine, do it up. Let your fashion sense be a canvas that you are constantly getting creative with.

{photo's courtesy of my beautiful friends Hannah & Ashley}