Currently October

Listening: to Spotify, per usual. I use Spotify for all of my music, because I get the premium discount for college students (if you've got a college email address, you should really look into it). I've always had a wide array of music tastes, and right now I'm obsessed with listening to old albums, like Drake and Rihanna's from like, 2013? A few other songs I'm loving are:

Poison x Rita Ora
Jumpman x Drake & Future
Something In The Way You Move x Ellie Goulding
Magnets x Disclosure & Lorde
Don't Look Back x Telepopmusik

Reading: The Freedom Writers Diary - I'm obsessed with this book, mainly because it involves an English teacher trying to impact her students. I'd like to model some of her teaching strategies, and eventually use this text in my own classroom. Apparently there is also a movie about this book? Will be watching it asap. I'm also reading multiple blogs - I recently found Life With Rosie and am in love already! I'm also keeping up with Kayla Blogs productivity series, which you should definitely check out. A few of my other staples favorites are Noor's Place, The Lovely Essentials, and Sincerely Kenz.

Watching: Too much Greys Anatomy. The new season just started, so I'm going back and re-watching my favorite episodes in between Thursday's. I'll probably lose my shit when this show stops airing all together, because it's just so flippin' good. Although my all time favorite character Christina isn't on the show anymore, I'm started to really like Meredith's sister-in-law Amelia. Are any of you watching the new season as well? Who is your favorite character? *SPOILER ALERT* Have you recovered from Derek's death? (It's okay.. I haven't either.)

Loving: Teaching, again. I think a lot of my frustration towards teaching was actually towards EdTPA. Now that that's out of the way, I can focus on the more enjoyable parts of teaching - like creating lesson plans and experimenting with different teaching styles. I attending a writing PLC meeting this week and am feeling so motivated to get my children writing on the 8th grade level. I just really enjoy meetings where teachers are exchanging effective ideas and feel excited about improving children's education. I know a lot of teachers get burnt out and annoyed with kids (I've been there), but right now I'm feeling confident in my abilities.

I know I've probably talked about journaling about 700 times on my blog, but seriously - it's amazing. I look forward to it every morning and every evening. I love writing about my day and reflecting on the things that are happening in my life, plus it will be fun to look back on in 10 years and see how I've grown and progressed in my life.

My fashionista Pinterest board is FULL of fall fashion inspiration. I'm really obsessed with big fluffy sweaters, tweed jackets, and boots with tights. I'm thinking about making a fall lookbook on my YouTube channel, but I haven't decided just yet. Speaking of YouTube, I am loving vlogging so much. It's so insanely easy for me to just talk to a camera, and it's quicker than writing and editing a blog post. Vlogging allows me to publish something quickly, and get creative with my editing.

Thinking: About graduation, and what comes next. I don't really have a plan yet, which is terrifying. Part of me wants to search out a teaching job in North Carolina, because that's the easiest route to take. Another part of me wants to pack everything up and move to Pennsylvania or Colorado (because both places are amazing and gorgeous) - but what career path would I go down? I really want to turn this blog into a full time thing, like I did over the summer, but where will money come from until I get to a comfortable financial point? *cue quarter life crisis*

Eating: Homemade fried rice. I remember my step dad making fried rice at home and I loved it. I'm addicted to Japanese food, but eating at Kobe every single week kills my bank account. I decided to buy a cheap vegetable mix and some boil-in-a-bag rice to make my own fried rice - & it was a huge success! Throwing in some soy sauce and salt, I've managed to create my own rice, which I pair with chicken or shrimp. As a person who can NOT cook or grocery shop, I'm pretty dang proud of myself. In fact, I'm making this tonight for dinner. I'm also eating raw cookie dough squares for dessert (no shame).

PSA: If you've missed some of my October vlogs, here are a few ready to be clicked on. You can subscribe to my channel to see the rest!

How is your October going?