My Night Routine: Winding down in 6 easy steps!

As a teacher, I'm up at 6:00 am every. single. day. As a college student, I'm used to late night Cookout runs and all nighter study sessions. Obviously these two clash, hardcore. I'm constantly saying to myself "okay Rhiannon, you have to go to sleep at 9:00 tonight". I swear my intentions are good, but I rarely listen to myself. I usually get about 6 hours of sleep a night *yawns furiously*

As time goes on, I've gotten myself into a nice routine that helps me wind down quick and get the most sleep possible. Over the summer my routine was completely different. I had ample time and my only job was focusing on my blog. Now my plate is full, so I have to use my night time to decompress. My decompressing involves music, beauty products, and the occasional nighttime snack (aka the Cookout tray I was talking about at the beginning of this post).

1// Headphones in: I'm a headphone addict. I really am - it's a thing. I love listening to music with my headphones. My night routine begins when I plug into my playlists. My music choice depends on my mood, and it's usually some T-Swift. Using music as a way to wind down is wonderful, because it's such a natural way to calm your state of mind. Occasionally I'll throw on some classical music, which is an instant sleep aid for me. Pro tip: Try creating a nighttime playlist with your favorite soft tunes, and listen to it during your bathroom time. I personally enjoy falling asleep with music on, but not everyone feels that way. find out what works for you!

2// Hair up: Pulling my hair back in some way feels so great. Whether it's a headband or a hair tie, I just need to get it out of my face. Usually my hair is cut pretty short, but because of my #101in1001 hair goal, I'm not cutting it until July of next year. That means lots of long brown hair in my face...and on my pillow...and in the shower drain.

3// Pajamas on: Clean pajamas are definitely up there on my "top 5 best feelings in the world" list. My go-to is a huge t-shirt, Aerie shorts and my pink fuzzy slippers that I've owned for abut 7 years. I've definitely worn them out.. they have holes in the bottom. Maybe it's just me, but I feel nine hundred times better after I shower and put on cute pajamas. Even though I know no one will see me in them, it does something awesome to my mood.  If clean sheets are also involved, I'm basically on a euphoric high. Pro tip: invest in some cute, comfy pajamas. You deserve it. 

4// Bathroom time: To be fair, I don't do all of this every night. On certain busy nights, I'll wash my face, brush my teeth, and call it a night. But, on days where I really want to go to sleep feeling great, I'll go through all of these steps. My skin loves these kinds of days (you're welcome, skin!). First I start by removing my makeup with Neutrogena cleansing wipes. These are amazing and I literally can't use any other makeup remover. The only downside is that I go through them so quickly. After cleaning my face, I'll use my Philosophy Total Matteness Mask/Cleanser. I found this at Ulta and it's really the holy grail for girls with oily skin. I love that it can be used daily as a cleanser, and weekly as a mask. Pro tip: Invest in a quality product that helps your skin type. My Philosophy product was so worth the money spent on it, and I love how my skin feels after using it. I also use Lashem's 3-in-1 eye product for under eyes. This was sent to me as a gift for reviewing, and I adore it. My lack of sleep causes terrible under eye circles. This product helps tighten the skin and reduce puffiness and circles. To finish my skin routine, I spray Lush's Tea Tree Toner Water all over my face. 

Then I move onto teeth. I'll be completely honest, as a middle school and high schooler, I took terrible care of my teeth. I lost my retainer about 6 times, Didn't take my time brushing my teeth, and never EVER flossed (tbh I still don't floss). I loathed going to the dentist because that shit hurt. Now I'm trying very hard to take good care of my teeth, mainly because I don't want them to fall out, hah. Pro tip: Brush yo' teeth, it'll save you tears at the dentist. Finally, I take care of my body. With winter quickly approaching, my skin is getting extra dry. My hands look and feel like hell, so I use Lush's Charity Pot.

5. Creative time: I recently started keeping a journal. I did this when I was in middle school and high school, but broke the habit once I started college. One of my 101 in 1001 goals is to keep a one sentence journal everyday, so I've decided to start writing every night. If I'm not writing in my journal, I'm listening to music or watching YouTube videos. I don't try to work on projects during this time, because I want my brain and body to wind down. Maybe I'll start doing yoga? Pro tip: Find a hobby that can help you relax and wind down at night.

6. Sleeping soundly: By this time I should have my lights out, my blinds open (I'm weird and like the light from outside to shine in), and my headphones almost off. I'll usually listen to music until I'm barely awake, but I don't ever fall asleep with them on.

What does your night routine look like? I'm obsessed with watching YouTube night routines, so shoot me a comment if you've created one yourself. Remember, my night routine and products might not work for everyone. Use my tips to enhance your own routine, and be sure to like Peace & Blessings on Facebook so you never miss a post!