Why every blogger should be on YouTube

Now that we've leaped into October with arms wide open, I wanted to share something that I've been doing (and will continue to do) ever day in October - VLOGTOBER 2k15! I am taking this month to video blog every single day, and I'm so excited. Two summers ago I created my YouTube channel with the full intention of creating weekly videos. I loved working on them, and editing video's was such a great creative outlet for me. It gave me a break from writing, and I got to learn new skills through the digital medium. 

Some people really struggle with being in front of a camera, including myself. It's insanely difficult for me to video blog in public, so most of my videos involve sitting on my bed and talking. That's easy. Even with the scariness of vlogging, I think it's so vital that creative influencers use this as a way to get interesting content to their followers. For examples, you can use video to:

Show off a tutorial
Give your followers personal updates
Showcase a new product
Entertain your followers
Educate your followers on a topic
Create a visual for certain stories on your blog

These are just a few options if you're stuck on what to film. If you're obsessed with beauty, film a makeup routine! If you like comedy, make your viewers laugh! If you're going to NYFW, film a vlog! If you're a fashionista, film a lookbook. I've linked some of my favorites that you can check out for inspiration. 


If you still aren't convinced, let me give you a few reasons why YouTube is perfect for almost anyone

1// It relieves stress. I cant tell you how many times I've felt so overwhelmed and anxious, but as soon as I turn on my camera, I'm greeted with happiness and peace. I use it as a way to relax, even if I don't always post the videos I film. Editing calms me down as well. YouTube and this website are my happy places.

2// It's another outlet for followers. YouTube gives you an entire new community to interact with and connect with. Some of your subscribers might also be your blog viewers, but some probably aren't. You would be astounded at how many people are on YouTube. The community is growing daily. 

3// It's becoming a career path. How freakin' cool is that?! Before I was in college, I had no idea that YouTube could be a career, or a career launcher for people my age. Same goes for blogging - I just thought it was a hobby for people, and that's how it began for me. As time went on I realized that YouTube pays their successful YouTubers' for their subscribers, and networks will work with these people to create awesome content. Just like blogging, YouTuber's can also be sponsored by different brands and create video content to help promote them. It's so similar to blogging!

4// It's a community. YouTube has 1 BILLION active users each month, and it's growing by the second. Within this community, about 95% of people are kind, supportive, and just generally good. Yes, there will be hate. But don't let that stop you from doing something that you know you'll love. Take a look at the plethora of YouTubers who have discussed their struggles with anxiety, depression, bullying, etc etc. We've all been there, and we're all trying to make it through together. The fear of hate shouldn't steer you away from the amazing community that is YouTube (yes, I'm talking to you Jess Moran).


If you missed my first October Vlogs, you can watch them on my YouTube channel! On October 2nd I talked about anxiety and gaining perspective. On October 3rd I showcased my weekend with family (and massive amounts of guacamole), and on October 4th I spoke about my crazy week ahead, and how overwhelmed I am with teaching. If you want to keep up with my YouTube videos, please subscribe and share with your friends! 


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