5 Effortless Fall Hairstyles

Guys. my hair is getting looooong (and by long, I mean it's grown significantly past my collarbone since I chopped it off last year). I'm trying my hardest to keep my hair healthy by eliminating heat and popping biotin vitamins like it's my job - which means it's fuller and able to cooperate better. During the summer, natural hair is a given; you don't have to worry about hairstyles because your locks are kissed with sea salt and sunshine. But, winter robs you of essential oils and leaves your scalp dry and annoying. I've had to get creative with my hairstyles, in order to avoid chopping it all off or damaging it with the basic "messy bun".

These 5 styles take under ten minutes, and limit damage to your hair. They're super cute for fall, and I've tried them all. They work with both short hair or long hair, and I just generally enjoy them. If you're a bit lost and need deeper instructions on how to do these looks, shoot me an email!

1// Half Topknot: I'm loving this look right now. I used to hate wearing my hair up, because I could never get the perfect messy bun. As time has gone on, I've developed a love for a tighter bun on top of my head, and doing a half up/half down look still allows me to stay warm, or curl the bottom half of my hair. Get this look by parting your hair at the top of your ears and pulling up (this will leave a lot of hair down in the back, which gives the look more volume). Then, use one hair tie to secure hair into a pony tail. Take a second hair tie and twist hair into a bun. Adjust as necessary.

2// Accessorize: I recently purchased a big floppy black hat - a purchase that is very out of the ordinary for me, but when I put it on I fell in love with the look. Using hats in the fall are perfect, because they help complete the darker looks created in fall. Plus, they can cover up second or third day hair. Another cool way to accessorize your hair is using a scarf. With winter creeping up on us, breaking out the think scarves is a must, but what about those flimsy summer scarves that you throw over a tank top? Use them as a head wrap to spice up a fall outfit, and to keep your ears warm (am I the only one with freezing ears?).

3// Fake an undercut: If I had the guts, I'd totally do an undercut. I think they're awesome and look so cool. Since I'm too much of a wimp to commit to the half shaved look, I can fake it with a few bobby pins, and some creativity. If you're really good at life, you can use tight cornrow-like braids to fake an undercut, but since I'm of average beauty intelligence, I'll stick to my easy method. Start by tucking your hair behind your ears, and creating a strong side part. On the side that has the least hair, take the pieces tucked behind your ear and pull them back and down towards your lower neck. Feel free to bobby pin behind your ear, and at the middle of your neck, or create a more textured look by twisting the hair before securing it.

4// Easy curls: My hair is naturally wavy. Some days it looks awesome, other days it looks like a rat crawled into my scalp and died. On days where I need to vamp up my natural curls, I use this really easy curing method that takes about 5 minutes. I start by pulling my hair into two high pig tails (if you want more volumized curls, do this with 4 pig tails). Then, I take my hair straightener and twist one pig tail completely around it, and pull away from my face. Then, I repeat the steps on my other pig tail. Literally the easiest way to get quick curls. This works really well on longer hair - if you have medium to short hair, experiment with the placement of your pig tail to get the best results.

5// Romantic swept away look: I saw a diagram of this on Pinterest the other day (check it out here) and really wanted to try it. I didn't invent this look, but I wanted to share it with you all because I think it's a perfect up-do that can be casual or formal. Start out with soft curls in your hair; brushing through your curly hair will give you the volume needed for this look. Then, take the front section of your hair (on the side with the least hair) and twist back and away from you, adding hair as you go around your neck. Do this until you reach the back of your ear. Secure with a few bobby pins. To polish up the look, take a small section from the other side of your hair and have it meet the bobby pins behind your ear. Twist it until you get the desired look. Secure the rest of the look with hair spray, and re-curl the remaining hair if needed.

Check out my YouTube tutorial for all of these looks!