5 Ways To Make Homecoming a BLAST!

Western Carolina University homecoming came and went as quickly as imagined, and I've found myself exhausted, happy, and overflowing with silly iPhone pictures. This was my last homecoming as an undergrad, so I was extremely excited. I'm sure I'll be back at some point, but after skipping my homecoming game last year, I really wanted to make this one unforgettable. Whether you're an alumni or an undergraduate student, I feel like it's essential to prepare for a weekend back at your ol' stomping ground.

Stick with your friends
One of my favorite parts of homecoming was having a specific group of friends I stayed with throughout the weekend. I wasn't worried about being by myself at all, and it helped develop a specific plan for the weekend, which I'll talk more about later. For this homecoming weekend, I had 3 friends that I was with from Friday until Sunday.

Stay safe
This is important. For those of us who are over 21, it's important to have a fun but safe time at tailgate, parties, bars, or any other place we might be drinking. Make sure you have a designated driver for the weekend, keep track of your money, cards, keys, etc, and don't push yourself past your limit. If you go to a big school (unlike myself) try using the traditional, but effective, buddy system. & don't talk to strangers! DUI's aren't fun, and neither is getting stuck with someone weird and creepy at the bar. Be aware of your surroundings as well.

Do something other than tailgate & the football game
Duh, we're all going to go to the football game after tailgate (unless your me, who decided to go eat wings right after), but what about Friday night, or Saturday night? Create a plan with your group of friends that involves something other than the traditional homecoming activities - my group of friends had a girls night in Asheville! We got a hotel room, visited The Asheville Brewery for dinner, and walked downtown.

Reconnect with your graduate friends
The absolute best part of my homecoming experience was seeing my friends who had already graduated, like my sorority twin, my pledge sisters, and some of my fraternity friends. It's so fun catching up with them and reliving my earlier college years. Even though I had my group of friends I came to tailgate with, I added some of my grad students to our group Saturday night!

Have a plan
Remember how I said to create a plan in the first step? Based on your group of friends and what you enjoy doing, make a weekend plan so you can stay on schedule. As a person who doesn't enjoy chaos, I'm glad I had figured out my plans before the weekend began.

For those of you in college, how was your homecoming weekend?