No one likes you when you're 23 #RhiTurns23

Psssst! If you missed last years birthday post, check it out here!

It is official, I've made it to twenty-three! I was a bit nervous about making it this far, because the past few months have been extremely rough. I even went to twitter and started to vent. I finally feel like my life is coming together and becoming somewhat normal - graduation is approaching (which I've been cleared for!), I have a possible job lined up, and I might be moving up north once I've got the diploma in my hand. Jess and I are back together and doing better than ever! Life is beautiful *insert rainbow emoji*. 
Last year I wrote 22 pieces of advice as a tribute to turning twenty two ooo oo (sings in best Taylor Swift voice). But this year I just want to recap the day and show off some of my amazing friends who made the day extremely special. Consider this a "day in the life" post #BirthdayEdition.

7:00 am: I wake up late and frantically get ready for school. I choose a blue dress and my favorite black heels. I pair the look with classic pearls, and pen a miniature tiara to my head. I am a princess everyday, but today I am the queen. 

7:45 am: Arrive at school and head into my classroom. One of my students is also celebrating her birthday today, so I search the hallways for her. Once I find her she runs up and gives me a hug (reassuring that I am in the right profession and I should never ever leave). Since we share the same birthday I wrote her a card with 14 pieces of advice that I've learned. We're 9 years apart - weird. 

9:00-11:00: I get an assortment of Instagram collages, text messages, and tweets. As a social media lover, this is like crack to me. I am obsessed with Instagram collages. If you are one of my friends who created one for me, T H A N K Y O U. I love you endlessly. 

12:45: One of my students gives me a birthday card. It's handmade and in pencil, but it was too cute! I also got a small gift from one of my 8th graders, which I wasn't expecting at all. Reminder to future Rhiannon: write her a thank you card! 

3:00: I head home to get ready for dinner. I unlock my apartment and immediately panic. My usually disastrous apartment is spotless. Nothing is on the couch, my kitchen is clean, which leads to my first reaction - "someone came in and robbed me!?".. but then I see a tiny puppy and a yellow, Zapier branded Macbook laying on the couch. I turn the corner and JESS is sitting in my bedroom. I can hardly put into words how happy I was to see them. This was hands down the greatest part of my birthday. My heart is so full. 

5:15: Head to Tucks for wing night and pitchers. Huge thanks to Dani, Tyleia, and Judia for starting out my dinner. Dani gave me the cutest gift *major heart eyes*, Bree, Adrien, Jimmy, CJ, My little and G-little joined us around 6:00. Wings were great, two dollar Shock Top was great, and going home to my sweet puppy and partner was great.

10:30: Fast asleep, because I am old.

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special, I love all of you. 23 has started off wonderfully, and I cant wait to see what is in store for me.