12.12.15, The Day I Ventured into Adulthood

First, a quick apology for not keeping up with my blog + youtube channel this week. Post graduation has been weird and hectic, and to be honest I've felt a bit uninspired. I'm staying at my mothers house this week and am feeling a bit cramped (& I'm sure they are too - thank you mom for squeezing two more adults + a dog into your home). Regular posting will resume next week while I'm nestled in PA.

As of now, I've been in the 'real world' for 4 days. I graduated on Saturday & honestly, I have no idea what to do with myself. I've been taking naps, taking walks, buying household items (like an air tight pasta container), and trying to disguise this gnarly pimple that is sitting between my perfectly shaped eyebrows right now. I am currently writing this in my pajamas, the usual outfit of choice, and I have a slight twitch in my eye from the reoccurring thought of 'bills'. Post-grad life is currently like being an overgrown, anxious child. 

BUT, it's not all negativity in adulthood. The night before graduation I brewery-hopped with Dani, thanks to my second mother & her kind hospitality. We ate at Sierra Nevada, crashed a charity event for dogs, and had a milk & cookies beer. I rarely visit Asheville, NC because I feel like it's out of my comfort zone, but this trip was a blast. 
Saturday was probably one of the coolest days of my life. I woke up with butterflies, ones that I would imagine a bride might have (am I married to the real world now??????). I got ready, ate some Cookout, and took some pictures with my fellow graduates. HUGE thank you to Jess for snapping the pics, and working through my half-broken, difficult camera. We had some minor obstacles with it, considering I had dropped it from about 4 feet a few days prior, but overall I think I got some B A N G I N G grad pictures. 

Post ceremony my family came by Jess & my apartment for a few more pictures, and then we all headed back to Hickory for a late dinner. We had originally planned for go for drinks after, but got a scary phone call from my mom right as we were ordering dessert. Our puppy got pounced on my my sisters cat and she got a little cut below her eye. As a new dog-mom, I was having a conniption. I literally thought her eye was going to fall out. After going home to check on her and realizing that she was fine, Dani, Jess and I continued the celebration at Kickbacks until about 1:00 am, when I announced I was too tired for this life anymore. 

Sunday was equally as exciting, because my Grandmother threw me a phenomenal graduation party. Her house is like the north pole on crack. I absolutely love her house during the holiday season because of the decoration. It just feels cozy and festive no matter what. Grandma if you're reading this, please keep the decorations up until I get back from Pennsylvania. I need to be surrounded by red & green when I open presents at your house. 

Anyway, back to the party - I got to see my best friend from high school, my twin, and my older brother. I was really happy about the turn out, and I'm thankful for everything that was given to me. Even though it was a blast, it felt really weird to open gifts in front of the whole party. I felt like, 50 eyes on me at once. Intimidating. We also had a memory jar where guests could write a memory about us, and I really liked reading those. I got all the ideas for the party from my party Pinterest board.  

So now what? I've got a job lined up (ayeeeee!) that will start at the beginning of 2016, and I'm traveling for the holiday's. I'll be posting my YouTube videos through the holidays, and keeping you updated on this blog. Right now, I feel like I have no idea what to do on a daily basis, so naturally I'm going shopping, tomorrow actually.