8 Things Teachers Need in Their Purse

If you have already seen my Black Friday Haul video, you saw that I scored a cute Kate Spade tote bag for 45 dollars at 3 in the morning. This has become my new 'teacher bag', which was much needed. I loved my navy messenger bag from Target, but it was time for a serious upgrade.

My bag necessities have drastically changed since I've become a full-time teacher. Who knew I needed to pack a months supply of pencils and Advil just to make it through the week?! I remember my first week of student teaching - I was wildly unprepared. I went home with blurred vision (because I forgot my glasses) and a massive headache (no Advil). Now, my bag (and my desk) is stocked with anything and everything I could possibly need. If you're a first year teacher, or a student teacher, here are some go-to's when packing your teacher bag!

Lesson planning book: This blogger right here found her lesson planner for a whopping price of ONE DOLLAR at Target over the summer, and it's been glued to my side ever since. For those of you who are spending $60 on an Erin Condren lesson plan book, stop right now. I got one for Christmas two years ago and barely used that thing. With the constant student and class changes, it just wasn't practical - plus it was HUGE and HEAVY. I adore Erin Condren, but this one dollar lesson plan book has done much more for me than the previous $60 one.

Bullet Journal: As I'm writing this I realize I left my bullet journal at home...crap. This thing is my personal journal/planner/running list of to-do's and grocery lists. I'm obsessed with it. I got the concept from www.bulletjournal.com and put my own (very) creative twist on it. I plan on creating a tutorial for it in the future, so be sure to check back in the next few weeks.

Chromebook: Even though my favorite computer right now is the Asus all-in-one desktop that Jess bought us, I appreciate my Chromebook as a traveling computer. I keep all of my lessons and notes in Google Drive, so the're easily accessible when I'm in the classroom. Because my Chromebook is light and small, I usually keep it in my bag unless I'm at school. This is a perfect computer for a traveler or someone on the go 24/7.

Hair clips: My hair is getting long *ayyeeeee*, which means by the end of the teaching day it's tangled, tattered, and desperately needs a brush. I usually keep a hair tie around my wrist, but I'm trying to limit my use of damaging ties in my hair. Using a big clip helps keep things under control, and does much less damage to my hair throughout the day.

Ibuprofen: Y'all.. teachers get headaches. I've gotten used to the 6am mornings, and not stopping until 3pm, so headaches are few an far between; but when I started teaching I left with migraines daily. This was a combination of no sleep and not enough food. Having some medicine handy has saved me many times. If you don't want to keep it in your purse, have it in your top desk drawer.

Lunch: The most important thing in my bag! I'm fortunate enough to have someone who packs my lunch every morning (seriously, this is a blessing), and J was kind enough to get me a new set of containers to carry my lunch in. I'm a weirdo and am mildly obsessed with the fact that each container snaps into a holder that is connected to another container, so it's easy to carry around. Also, they're from Walmart so if you're looking for a quality lunch container, this should be your go-to.

An assortment of pens: I'm a handwritten kind of person. I appreciate technology, but handwriting something is my go-to. I'm always forgetting  pen or pencil, so having a stash in my purse is important. Plus kids are constantly forgetting pencils in class..

An extra pair of glasses: I've got a pair of Lilly glasses, and a pair of Warby Parker glasses, thanks to switching insurances mid year. I prefer my Lilly ones over my Warby because of the style, but both of them fit me nicely and I'm wearing them daily. I'll usually keep an extra pair in my purse, in case I forget to pick up my Lilly ones in the morning. My eyesight isn't blurry, so not wearing my glasses is okay, but it gives me massive headaches, so having the extra pair in my bag is a lifesaver.

Clipboard: My GG-Little painted me a BOMB af clipboard with "Ms. Manzi" on the back, and I love using it. because I'm in a Language Arts classroom, I'm constantly conferencing with students, and monitoring work. This means I'm moving around and am not at my desk. Having a clipboard handy with some paper (and my gradesheets) helps me jot things down without having to bend over/squat/do some weird acrobatics to find a hard surface for writing things down.

What are you carrying around in your bag?