December Goals + November Update

Guys, the holidays are OFFICIALLY here. December is upon us, which means my usual monthly goals post is up and ready to go! November was an awesome month for me - I got about 75% of what I wanted to accomplished, and I even made a dent in my 101 in 1001 goals. I've decided that December is going to be an easier month for me, as I've picked goals that I'm almost positive will be accomplished no matter what. But, they're still important and keep me motivated, so I wanted to share!

How did I do in November? 
I set four goals this month - simple, but still important. I did awesome this month, which is a huge improvement from October:

1// Finish my 1-sentence journal: I was so freakin' close to completing this. I think I completed 27 journal entries, and just didn't make it to thirty before the month was over. Part of me still feels good for completing the amount that I did, because I stopped writing for a while. With a blog, YouTube channel, a full-time teaching job, and graduation around the corner, I'm just so busy. But, when I do get the chance to write, I have plenty to say.

2// Start the 30-day squat challenge: COMPLETED! I started this towards the end of the month and am about 4 days in. I haven't been staying on the daily schedule, but I'm trying. I'm going to start incorporating it into my daily routine, which means plugging it into my bullet journal. If you aren't sure what the 30-day squat challenge is, check it out on my fitness Pinterest board.

3// Blog 2 times a week: COMPLETED! I am so proud of myself for keeping up with my blog this month. Over the summer I was banging out content left and right, but with a full time job, I found it extremely hard to keep up with the 5 day posting schedule I had. Not only did I successfully write 2x a week, but I've been consistent with my videos 2x a week.

4// Pay off debt: COMPLETED! I wanted to pay off $150 and did it within the first week of November :) Pretty pumped about this.

What's the plan for December? 
I'm going to go the same route as last month and set 4 goals - this month will be a little crazy with Graduation and starting a new job, but that means I'll have a good chunk of vacation time towards the end of the month to work on these goals.

1// Have 100 120 YouTube subscribers: Literally as I was typing this post, I met my goal of 100 subscribers! I have LOVED getting into the YouTube community again and am excited that people are actually interested in watching my videos. This month I'd like to increase my following by 20, and you can help me by subscribing to my channel here.

2// Graduate COLLEGE: This is a given, assuming I don't somehow die before December 12th. It's crazy to think that the day is under two weeks away. HOLY SHIT guys I'm an adult! After graduation on Saturday, I'm headed to Hickory for dinner and a party the following day. Feel free to send all gifts to my apartment in Cullowhee ;)

3// Invest in business cards: I suppose now that I'm a big girl with a big girl job, I should invest in some snazzy business cards. I can't decide if I want to focus them around my blog, or my teaching career.. possibly invest in both? I have heard great things about for business cards, has anyone used them before?

4// Create a savings account: I'll be honest, I'm the worst at saving. I don't have a savings account and I spend money far too quickly. With my first paycheck coming next month, I want to start saving a good chunk of it - so I've booked an appointment at Wells Fargo for next week. This way I can open up my saving account and start transferring any graduation money into it.

x x x 

What are your goals for this month?