What's in my Bag - College Edition

Guess who graduates in 4 days! Spoiler alert - it's this girl right here. I'm so freakin' excited, and nervous, and scared, and happy that I can barely see straight. I found this post knee deep in my drafts, untouched, and thought "hmm.. this should probably go up soon considering I'm not going to be in colllege after this Saturday!!!!" *Cue the screaming*

But then I thought, I don't even know what I would say because I haven't carried a 'college bag' in about a year (my internship was in an 8th grade classroom). I decided to reach out to some of my lovely college friends from Her Campus to see what they recommend my sweet followers carry in their college bag. 

Amanda from Blissful Gal says "I always carry around extra granola bars and a water bottle because whenever I randomly get hungry, I can't focus on anything. I also always make sure I have at least $10 in my bag because I never know when I'll be in a situation when I need spare cash." Carrying cash is so important - I can't tell you how many times I've needed a few dollars, and only had my student card or debit card. 

Colleen from Buckeye Bliss carries "an umbrella or rain jacket because you never know when a rainstorm will randomly hit! I also don't go anywhere without my agenda." For my Western Carolina readers, this is a no-brainer. It's always raining, and at the most inconvenient times, right? I remember being a Freshman (4 and a half years ago...woah) and forgetting rainboots, a rain jacket, AND an umbrella as I was walking to class. 

Tiffani from Not Your Average Southern Belle always has "my water, chapstick, tons of pens and sunglasses!" Perfect, practical essentials for any college woman. You can never go wrong with the classics, because they're valuable to everyone! 

Taylor from Repressing The Crazy suggests "I always have a notebook on me. Its full of notes, things to do , grocery lists, and blog ideas. I seriously would forget how to breathe without it. Steno notebook are my favorite!" This is such a smart idea, that I wish I would have followed. I always had my agenda, but rarely carried around a journal or notebook for jotting down lists and ideas. 

Paige from Eyeliner Wings & Pretty Things says " I always have a spare phone charger and battery pack with me, just in case i'm on the go and my phone dies! I also keep hand sanitizer and tissues, especially when it's cold season! A pack of gum or mints are also an essential, definitely don't want to go to class with coffee breath! " Spare phone chargers are perfect for those days where you've got class 8:00 am- 5:00 pm. I cant tell you how many times I went phoneless because I forgot to pack my charger. 

Christina from Adventures in Polishland shares "In law school, I used a 13-inch MacBook Air. It is very lightweight, but still makes typing up lots of notes really easy. As for your chargers, use a pouch to keep them organized. Otherwise, your wires will get tangled up in a mess!" Having a lightweight computer is such a blessing! Along with the MacBook Air, Chromebook's are a great idea if you're looking for something small and lightweight. 

What are you carrying around in your college bag that we can add to the list?