Cool Things About Being a Real Adult

So I'm considered a real adult now - a working woman who is in charge of young minds & feeding herself on the regular, while also managing bills and two animals in an apartment. It's weird and hard and I'm kind of just taking it day by day. But, it's not all bad (despite what your grumpy and bitter 30 something cousin twice removed might tell you) - it's actually pretty cool. I decided to pick out some of my favorite things about being an adult and share them with you. They're things that I have noticed a change in since I graduated. Twenty-somethings who will graduate in May, don't fret - you have much to look forward too!

1// Juicing: So, I got a juicer for Christmas. I wasn't expecting it, but it has been my most used item in my kitchen since I set it up. As a graduation present I got a Bed Bath & Beyond giftcard from a distant relative (thank you ma'am that I never see), and as I was browsing the isles for aesthetically pleasing plate sets I stumbled upon many overpriced juicers. I was hooked from that moment on. I thought about making my own orange juice and squeezing cucumber juice into my diet. I love fruits and veggies, I just don't eat them enough. Juicing has forced liquid fruits and veggies into my diet. My favorite thing to do is make a juice right before I'm about to leave for work & drink it on my 30 minute commute. This morning I mixed 1 apple, 1 pair, a half of a lemon, and 2 carrots - it was bomb af.

2// Home Decor: I've always loved decorating my space, just like any other young woman. Although I have virtually no idea what I'm doing, I think my natural home decor sense has grown since graduation. I've filled my walls with photos, used tiny decorative plates for ring holders, and strategically placed a teapot on the serving tray that lays catty-cornered on my coffee table.

3// Having an actual paycheck: This hasn't actually happened yet (ugh), but I know it's coming. What I enjoy about this part of adulthood isn't that there's a paycheck (I've had those before - I started working part time at 15), but that I know exactly when my money is coming and where. I was heading down to the main office at the school where I work and this happy thought fluttered into my brain "wow, I've work 3 days, I know exactly what I make each day, and when it is coming". I also really enjoy my teacher badge that clocks me in every morning. The ding & "Good Morning Rhiannon Manzi" makes me feel official and serious.

4// Meal planning: I realize as I write this, I just ditched my meal plan for the night and ordered wings at my favorite college bar. Maybe I'm not a real adult, but mAYBE I AM BECAUSE LAST NIGHT I COOKED STEAK AND BREADED ZUCCHINI BITES. Planning my meals is fun, because it assures me that I'll actually have food to eat on the daily, and I can make sure I'm eating healthy. I grew up with a mom who hated cooking (I love you mom!) so I had no idea how to effectively meal plan, or how to make the meals. This could be because I never payed attention when we actually went to the grocery store....but who knows. Now, I usually eat in during the week and leave my weekends free for leftovers and going out. Wednesday is wing night or a crockpot dinner. My purple crockpot has become one of my other favorite kitchen items, because it allows me to be insanely lazy & still look like I have my shit together. Pro tip: Adults don't actually know what they're doing, we're all just winging it (and cooking easy meals in crock pots).

5// Friendships: This topic is the one that makes me sigh in relief and smile sheepishly. I have spent my life being very social, but not having that much success with friendships. As a college student, friends were all around, and honestly they changed pretty quickly. Whoever spent the most time with me would push to the forefront of my social life, only making our bond stronger, until that person found a new friend. I graduated a semester late and noticed that some of my friendships began to fade (for the better), while others stayed relatively strong despite distance and a life change like graduation. Now, in adult world, I don't feel this underlying pressure to check on my friends daily for fear that they might not like me anymore. I go at my own pace, making efforts that mean something when I have the time, and I think the other adults that are just starting out understand this. For example, my very best friend Becca and I rarely talk. Occasionally we will text, but usually we see each other in person every few months. This is because Becca is in graduate school 3 hours away from me, and I've been interning (and now working) as a full time teacher. Regardless, we both know we are best friends and don't have to solidify our friendship with multiple conversations. We pick up where we left off when we can.

For my new graduated adults out there, what do you enjoy most about "the real world" or your new "adulthood"? It can't be all bad - shed some light on the things young men and women can look forward too as they approach their graduation , or wherever their journey takes them.