Life lately, January

WATCHING // Private Practice, per usual, and New Girl. Until this month I had no idea what New Girl was, only that Zoey Deschanel was on it. If you haven't seen it, seriously go on Netflix and binge watch right now. It's amazing, hilarious, and a nice easygoing show to space out my attacks of hysteria that I have over Private Practice. 

MISSING // My Delta Zeta days. Spring 2016 just joined our organization and this is the first semester I wasn't at bid day (we had Saturday school, barf). I remember mine like it was yesterday, although it was a whopping 4 years ago, and I wish I could go back and relive all the moments I had with my pledge class. I am very proud of my sisters and hope that they are holding up the Delta Zeta name to the standard it should be. Also, I really freakin miss my littles! 

PLANNING // A TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD! I literally cannot believe this is happening, and I'm excited for two reasons; One because duh, it's Disney World, and two because it will be my first vacation that I completely plan and pay for on my own. I've been to Disney world a handful of times, but this time I'll be of age (Hellooooo Epcot beer & Pleasure Island) and I'll be going with Jess. This technically makes me the expect and main planner of the vacation. Usually my mother holds that title - she books the hotel, makes the dinner reservations, and creates/prints out the daily itinerary (can you tell we're obsessed with Disney?), but guess who's doing it now - me! 

READING // Yes Please by Amy Poehler via Audible. I'm about halfway done, and I am excited to start a new audio book this coming month. I also completed two books this month, which was part of my New Years resolutions - Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kalig, and A Step by Step Guide to Getting it Together in Your Twenties. Both worth the read and were solid books in my opinion.

FEELING // Grown up, sort of. The first real paycheck hit my bank account today, and I couldn't be happier. I'm planning my first 'big girl' vacation, and starting to pick up the mountain of responsibilities that I didn't even realize I needed to pick up. Partially coo, partially terrifying. 
WEARING // Lots of maroon. I never realized that my closet primarily is black, white, and maroon. I feel like every time I put together an outfit for teaching, one of my key pieces is some shade of red. Am I complaining? No way. It's just not the color I expected from me. But I think it looks great with my skin tone and green eyes. 

ENJOYING // The burst of warm weather that came after the #2016EastCostBlizzard. I was actually able to wear shorts while I was walking spunky over the weekend and broke a sweat after walking up and down the Peaks hill on Sunday. I'm not sure how long this warm climate change will last, but I hope it's for a while. 

DRINKING // Water. Trust me, I'm surprised as you are. I decided to stop buying soda for the fridge and only drink it if I'm out for lunch or dinner. I feel healthier, but I'm also really tired of freaking water. I just got back from the grocery store, and instead of breaking down and getting a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper, I got a carton of Naked juice. 

NEEDING // New lights for my YouTube videos. Because I have a job that lasts until 4:00 in the afternoon, I lose a lot of potential filming time. I get so inspired at night and I wish I was able to film at 8 pm without having my yellowish shadowy lighting lower the quality of my video. 
LISTENING // to an array of music on my Spotify. I have a "New Year New Music" playlist that Jess and I collaborate on, this way we can share music without having to say "hey have you heard this? go download it". Some of my favorite songs are Lucy x Olivver The Kid, Drifting x G Eazy, & It's All in Vain x Wet.
LOOKING [FORWARD TO] // The trip to Disney world that Jess and I started planning over the weekend. Disney world is one of my all time favorite places, and we decided to use Jess' time share points to book a villa and spend 10 days in Florida the first week of June!