#OOTW: What I Wore to Work This Week

When I started teaching I swore on my life that I would wear heels every single day. After about 6 months of full time teaching I ditched my heels and bought some really comfy, but also stylish, flats. I try to mix up my outfits and create interesting looks, while also staying comfortable at work. I'm walking around a LOT - so having something I can move in is a must, but I'm also a fashion snob, so I need to be the best dressed out there. 

I decided to snap some photos of what I wear during the week in hopes of creating some inspiration for the newly graduated or new teachers out there! 

Monday: I dressed in a ton of brown tones this day - the shift dress wasn't too tight, but didn't have sleeves so I paired it with one of my favorite cardigans from Charlotte Russe. The dress is from my GG-Little and I absolutely love it. The statement necklace gave it a small pop of burgundy color, and the boots are a staple in my closet. I've worn them so much that they have holes in the heels. 

Tuesday: These pants were $3.00 at Rue 21 and are SO FREAKIN' COMFORTABLE. I call them my 'work sweatpants' because, even though they're bright and colorful, they're super stretchy like yoga pants. It's like having a huge secret at work (you thought these were really cool dress pants - jokes on you! They're yoga pants). Because the pants are so bold I paired it with a black dress shirt with a peter pan collar. 

Wednesday: This outfit was basically a DIY project. I bought this "skirt" at Rue 21 a few weeks ago, but it's actually a maxi-dress. It's super cute, but the top half isn't appropriate for school. I decided to tuck the top half inside the bottom half and pair the skirt with a navy form fitting shirt. The gold buttons on the shoulders went well with the warm tones in the "skirt". This is probably my favorite outfit from the week, and has re-ignited my love for maxi skirts! 

 Thursday: After getting my hair cut I wanted to wear a shirt that showed it off nicely. With super short hair, sleeveless shirts look the best, plus the back of this pink shirt had a bow that you wouldn't be able to see with long hair. As the weather gets warmer, this shirt was perfect. Minimal jewelry was needed since the focus point was my hair cut, and I wore my staple black jeans and thigh high boots. Be sure to check with your employer on how wide shirt straps need to be! 

 Friday: Casual Fridays are the best! I wore black jeans with my knock off converse from Rue 21, and a plain burgundy t-shirt. I LIVE for casual Fridays because they're easy and I feel so comfortable. My shirt is from the men's section of H&M, which was such a good choice because 1) insanely cheaper and 2) fits better! 

If you enjoyed this type of post, please let me know and I'll keep recording my outfits!