Introducing My Sister To Denver

 Living in Denver is one of the coolest experiences, and last week I was able to show my little sister around the place I call home. She is 18 and about to attend The University of North Carolina Greensboro, so I wanted her to come out here before she went off to college.

I visited Colorado for the first time when I was a Junior in college. It was the summer before my senior year, and I was itching for adventure. I hadn't seen my cousins in 5+ years, and had never visited the Western United States before. I came out for a week and immediately fell in love.

Holly arrived Tuesday morning on a pretty bumpy flight. The Denver International Airport is always a bitch to fly into because of the crazy turbulence created by the mountains. The first time I flew here I got altitude sickness as soon as I landed, and had intense anxiety because of the winds.

Thankfully, Holly is a bit more tolerant than I am, so she survived without any tears (I think).

I was working from home that day, so we decided to go to a Korean Barbecue place for lunch. Both of us had never tried this, so it was a fun new experience. We decided to sit at one of the tables that held a grill where we could cook the meat as we wanted it - which I had never seen before. This was Holly's idea, and it gave me a chance to show her a bit of Englewood before having to go back to work. 

The time change here is only two hours, but you'd be amazed at what it can do to a persons body. Holly slept while I finished up my work day, then we got ready to head downtown. The weather was nice, so we parked on 17th street and headed over to the Denver Pavilions for dinner and shopping. I had been to the 16th street mall before, and Union Station, but didn't realize we had the Pavilions in that area. It was kind of cliche' but we ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Not really "Denver" specific, but it was the only place without a horrendous wait. 

The next day Holly went to work with me. Fortunately, I have a job that doesn't mind when you bring in family members, or furry friends. Actually, they kind of encourage the furry friend part. I work with a Digital Media Team at The Daily Camera office, and I really enjoyed being able to show Holly what I do everyday. 

I got to show her how I manage all of my social media clients, and she got to meet my awesome coworkers. Around lunchtime I took her to see my Uncle in Boulder - who she hadn't seen in probably 8 or 9 years. We chatted for a bit, planned a get together for Friday, and had lunch at my favorite sandwich place, Snarfs, down the street from my office. 

Thursday night Holly, Allie and I went to one of my favorite clubs. Since she's (finally) 18, she could get in on Thursday's. I had never really "gone out" with my sister before, so it was fun to do something a little more grown up with her. We were all pretty tired though, so we mainly sat on the couches and people watched while I drank Bud Light.

 Friday I took the day off and we ate lunch at Jelly - a cute breakfast place by Denver University, and took some much needed naps before our family reunion in Broomfield. My Aunts, Uncles, and cousins all got together to see Holly Friday night and it was a blast. My entire family is Italian, so we had pizza, porchetta, and lots and lots of beer.

Unfortunately my uncle had a terrible case of kidney stones so an ER trip was made during the party. After eating one chip. I hope I never have to endure them.

We brought our bathing suits and climbed into the hot tub for a bit before heading back to Denver for the night. Holly decided to stay in Broomfield that night with the cousins while Allie and I headed back to our house for the night to make sure our fur baby was alright.

Saturday the three of us visited The Denver Aquarium after having lunch downtown. I was really happy that Allison and Holly got to meet, and talk, because I wanted Allison to shed some light on her career since Holly is interested in the same field. My sister is a huge badass and will be graduating high school with an associates degree at 18 years old (FIST PUMP!), so technically she would only need to attend University for 2 years before getting a Bachelor's. The downside of this - she has to make major choices pretty quickly. Most of us were blessed with a year of cushion and liberal arts classes before we had to embark on our chosen paths. My sister is feeling the pressure.

My advice: Don't stress. You can change your course anytime you want. Nothing is permanent. You don't have to know right now.

Take it from an ex-teacher turned social media guru who has moved 3 times in the last year. 

Overall, I had a blast showing Holly around Denver, and I loved having her here with me. It's crazy to think that she is headed to college in a few short months, and is on the cusp of adulthood. Which means that I'm getting older.....and should be a fully functioning adult.....

Which I am not BYE!